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The only AI-powered deepfake tool you need to create face swap memes, videos, GIFs, and photos.

About Deepswap AI

With over 150 million active users, Deepswap is amongst the top face-swapping AI tools online. The tool allows users to create face-swap content within a few seconds. Its ease of use and remarkable features make it an ideal pick over existing deepfake AI tools.

Deepswap allows users to create a face-swap video of celebrities, roles from a movie, politicians, etc., in a few clicks. The platform only requires a two-minute video from the user. Once it gets the input, it immediately transforms the faces in the video. Deepswap can do various tasks but is mainly used to create entertaining and viral content.

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Launch Date2020
CategoryImage generation tools

Deepswap AI Features

Deepswap AI has gained immense popularity worldwide. The app has won the hearts of its users with its impressive features. These include:

  • Deepswap can create deepswap videos by swapping faces from movie roles, changing genders, using movie characters, or your personal face.
  • Deepswap offers an AI-photo generator that swaps faces in images to create stunning new images with new faces.
  • Deepswap allows unlimited video creation and face swapping.
  • The tool transforms faces from a database of 50 million faces.
  • Deepswap can modify the faces on a meme.
  • Deepswap produces high-quality content without watermarks.
  • It is a credit-based platform. You need to purchase credits as required before using them.
  • Deepface can simultaneously swap five faces in a video or photograph.
  • Deepswap ensures its user’s privacy and security.

Deepswap AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Deepswap AI is ideal for several users. The app can create hilarious and attractive content that can go viral online. Some applications of the Deepswap AI application include the following:

  • Content creators can use Deepswap to create face swap videos and images for their social media fans.
  • Marketers can use Deepswap AI to produce marketing videos using face swap. It is a cost-effective platform for marketers.
  • Memers can use Deepswap to generate hilarious face swap memes.
  • Advertisers can create commercials using Deepswap.
  • Journalists and reporters can use Deepswap to create deepfake videos of events and news reports.
  • Deepswap can be used for personal use. You can use it to check how a haircut or dress would look on you.

Deepswap AI Pricing

Deepswap offers its users two pricing models: Non-premium and premium. The non-premium (free) model allows only two free swaps and generates content with a watermark. The premium model offers unlimited face swaps, no watermark, upto 10 minutes of video upload, 20 free credits, and priority processing.

You can get the premium plan in two ways:

  • One month – $9.99 per month, renews at $19.99.
  • One year – $49.99 per year, renews at $99.99.

The platform accepts payments using Paypal, credit, and debit cards.


How can I create a Deepswap account?

Deepswap allows users to register for a new account using their email address. You can also sign in directly via your Google or Facebook account. Remember to keep your credentials safe since you will need them to access your account every time.

How long does Deepswap take to create a video?

Deepswap starts working immediately after you upload a video on the platform. It uses a series of AI algorithms for face swapping. So, it takes around three minutes to get the final video ready.

Can I use Deepswap for professional purposes?

Yes, you can create videos using Deepswap for professional use. There are no restrictions on Deepswap-generated videos. However, make sure to read their policy to stay free from legal issues.

Can I access my Deepswap account after cancelling my subscription?

Yes, you can access your Deepswap account until you delete it. After cancelling your subscription, Deepswap will downgrade your account from premium to non-premium. That means you cannot access premium features but still use your previous work and files.

How do I contact the Deepswap support team?

Deepswap has an active support team available 24/7 at your service. Whenever you run into an issue while using Deepswap, you can contact the support team using any of the following mediums:


Deepswap AI is an excellent platform for anyone who wants to create stunning deep fake content. The platform is the go-to option for creating hilarious memes, videos, GIFs, and videos. You can experiment with its features to create impressive face swap videos or images.

Deepswap is recommended for anyone interested in creating face swap content. You can use it for your business, to spoof your friends, or create content for your social media accounts. The results will leave you amused!

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