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| Updated on: is an AI voice dictation tool to convert speech into text developed by Digital Inspiration.

About utilizes Google’s speech recognition technology to recognize & convert spoken words into textual format. provides complete ownership of your written texts by storing them automatically in your browser. It’s effortless to use as you only need google chrome, microphone access, and an active internet connection to type your words. removes the need for a keyboard to create written documents. overcomes the language barrier by transcribing words in over 100 languages. simplifies the text editing process through available voice command options.


Launch Date – Jan 30, 2004 Features is a simple speech recognition tool with the following features.

  • allows you to write documents in the widely used Google Chrome.
  • offers sets of speech recognition commands to edit the text in real time by adding new paragraphs, spaces, emojis, and special characters.
  • voice dictation feature supports 100 plus languages to make its service accessible globally.
  • software is available for Android, Linux, Windows, and MacOS.
  • offers an “assistive technology” for people with learning disabilities.
  • saves your content automatically in Chrome. Use Case – Real-World Applications

Here are some commonly used real-world applications of

  • is a valuable tool for content writers to type in Google documents simply by speaking.
  • Email marketers can use to write emails.
  • Doctors can write medical transcriptions for patients to reduce the appointment time. They can store crucial information concerning patients.
  • Corporate sectors can utilize to transcribe meetings.
  • Youtubers can write scripts for their videos.
  • has voice recognition features for special needs students and people diagnosed with repetitive strain injury & carpal tunnel syndrome.
  •’s accuracy and excellent proofreading capability make it worthwhile for diverse users, from school students to content creators. Pricing is available for Google Chrome users for free. It doesn’t have any premium plans.


Does offer a free trial? is a free tool that can generate an unlimited number of words. Anyone can access for free. To use it, you must meet the system requirements, not working? What to do?

If doesn’t work, implement the below measures.

  • Google Chrome is open.
  • Your microphone is enabled.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • If you have opened other speech recognition software in your browser, close it.

What are the system requirements to access

You only need-

  • Chrome browser
  • Anyone operating system – windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  • recommends opening it on desktops for better productivity.

Does support my native language? supports hundred-plus popular native languages such as Hindi, Italiano, English, Suomi, Espanol, etc. You can check the list of supported languages on official website.

Is my data safe with doesn’t keep a single byte of your data anywhere. Your data gets stored automatically in your browser. utilizes secure HTTPS protocol to send your speech to its servers & returns the output data to your browser. has provided detailed info on your data usage in its privacy policy.

Conclusion is an effective dictation tool that converts spoken words into written documents by reducing dependency on manual typing. Its interface is user-friendly, allowing users to dictate words without distraction. You don’t need to install extra softwares to use is an AI voice dictation tool to convert speech into text developed by Digital Inspiration.

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