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7 Best Discord AI Art Generators Servers to Use



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AI Art generators are tools that can generate stunning AI images, artworks, graphics, and more through text prompts. Whether you are a student, content creator, or artist choosing a good Discord AI Art Generator is important to get the best Art generations. 

Discord AI Art Generators are utilized by an extensive group of users who want to unleash their creativity and transform their creative ideas into stunning visuals. Discord also allows users to explore Art generations created by other artists and gain inspiration from the community.

In this article, we will mention top Discord AI Art Generators that can help you generate stunning AI Artworks using simple commands. So, let’s get started. 

Does Discord have an AI image generator?

Yes, there are a variety of Discord AI Image generators available that can help you generate stunning visuals using simple commands. Some of the best Discord AI image generators are:

  • Maze Guru
  • Midjourney
  • Blue Willow 
  • OpenArt AI 
  • Lexica 
  • Wombot 

Discord AI Art Generator: 8 Best Servers to Use

The 8 Best Discord AI Art Generators are as follows: 

1. Maze Guru – AI Art, Anime & Social– Best for creating anime characters

Maze Guru is a leading Discord AI Art Generator that can create amazing AI Images and Artworks within seconds. This is an AI-powered platform that allows users to create stunning images through “text-to-image” or “image-to-image.”

Maze Guru is accessible through web applications, Discord, and iOS/Android. This platform contains a user-friendly interface that allows users to transform their ideas into realistic images within a few seconds. 

The best part about Maze Guru is that it contains 1000+ image styles and allows users to download their generated artworks into HD and Ultra HD quality. Users can also explore other users’ creations on ‘Gallery’ and gain inspiration through their artworks. The Gallery section allows users to explore a variety of image themes and options such as Anime, Illustration, Sci-Fi, 3D, Epic, etc.  

Features of Maze Guru: 

  • Supports image generation via “text-to-image” and “image-to-image.” 
  • Provides a wide range of art styles such as Anime, Abstract art, Realistic, etc. 
  • Allow users to customize their generated images with texts, color schemes, and effects.
  • Contains interactive challenges for its users with a variety of themes and art styles.
  • Allow users to add their personal touch to the images by adding their own images. 
  • Supports Enterprise users by providing special services such as creating a custom model. 


  • Supports multiple languages 
  • User-friendly 
  • Creates High-definition artwork quickly 
  • Active Community 
  • Supports web application, Discord, iOS/Android


  • Can generate inappropriate images 
  • At times the generated artwork or image might lack resolution or clarity 

Pricing of Maze Guru: 

Standard Plan Pro Plan (Most Popular) 
$9.99/month $49.99/month 
1500 points fast generation 10000 points fast generation 

2. Midjourney – Best for creating an unlimited number of images

Midjourney is one of the most popular and high-used AI Art generators among artists and creators. Users can join Midjourney through Discord or a Web application and generate amazing AI Artworks using text prompts. To access Midjourney, users need to sign up to a Discord account, users can access private messaging with Midjourney on Discord. 

To generate an unlimited number of images on Midjourney users need to subscribe to its premium plans. On this platform, users can generate high-quality AI images by submitting text prompts. Once you have submitted your prompts, Midjourney Bot will analyze your requests and generate a set of four unique images in a grid within a minute.

Users can further modify and enhance their images and generate their desired artwork. Midjourney also contains an active community where users share their creations. Users can access the community section on Midjourney to gain inspiration for generating AI Images and artwork. 

Features of Midjourney:

  • This platform utilizes advanced AI technologies and machine learning algorithms for generating high-quality images. 
  • Midjourney offers a fast-generation feature through which users can create multiple images at once. 
  • Unlike other AI Art generators, Midjourney isn’t limited to private use and can be accessed for public use. 
  • Allow users to purchase credits to generate AI images instead of purchasing a higher subscription plan. 


  • Highly customizable
  • Provides a comprehensive analytics dashboard 


  • Poor customer service 
  • Isn’t available through the app version 
  • No Free trial 

Pricing of Midjourney: 

Users can gain an extra 20% off on Midjourney pricing by purchasing the annual plan. Here are the monthly plans of Midjourney: 

Basic Plan Standard PlanPro Plan Mega Plan 
$10/month $30/month $60/month $120/month 

3. Blue Willow – Best free Discord AI art generator

Blue Willow is an interesting Discord AI Art generator that is accessible to everyone. This tool utilizes advanced AI algorithms to create astonishing images and artworks using prompts or short descriptions.

The best part about Blue Willow is the availability of multiple AI models. Which allows users to select the most suitable AI model for their prompts. To access Blue Willow users need to join the Blue Willow Discord server. After this users need to simply enter your prompt and leave the rest to AI. 

Blue Willow will then analyze the entered prompt and generate high-quality images for you within seconds. Blue Willow is mainly used for generating comic characters, visual concepts, logos, digital artwork, and more. This tool is user-friendly and it was designed to ensure everyone regardless of their experience is able to access the platform effortlessly.  

Features of Blue Willow: 

  • Allow users to generate photo-realistic scenes, logos, graphics, etc. 
  • Users can select their preferred AI models and decide the perfect match for their prompts. 
  • User-friendly and accessible for everyone. This tool is designed especially for users with different skill levels and backgrounds so anyone can access it. 


  • Easy to access
  • Fast and efficient 
  • Versatile and flexible 


  • Not suitable for commercial use
  • At times unable to generate accurate AI Art 

Pricing of Blue Willow: 

Willower Plan Blue Angel Plan Sapphire Plan 
$5/month $10/month $20/month 
50 prompts per day 100 prompts per day 200 prompts per day 

4. OpenAI DALL-E 2 – Best for efficiency

DALL.E 2 is one of the most powerful Discord AI Art generators in the market. This tool allows users to generate realistic-looking images and artworks using text prompts or descriptions.

DALL.E 2 was developed by the popular AI company OpenAI, which created ChatGPT. Users can combine a wide range of art styles, attributes, concepts, and more to create their desired images. 

DALL.E 2 also allows users to customize the original canvas and perform various edits on generated images. The best part about DALL.E 2 is that it allows users to create different variations of a single image. This tool also has various safety measures implemented to avoid the generation of any harmful images. Overall, DALL.E 2 is an excellent choice for generating high-quality images using various attributes, styles, and concepts. 

Features of OpenAI DALL-E 2: 

  • Users can combine various attributes, concepts, and styles to generate a unique image. 
  • This tool allows users to expand the images beyond their original canvas. 
  • Allow users to make realistic edits using natural language captions. This helps users remove various elements such as shadows, reflection, and more from the images. 
  • Can generate realistic images with 4x greater resolution. 


  • Creates high-resolution images 
  • Allows style mixing 
  • Users can generate different variations of original images 


  • Limited Beta access 
  • Sometimes generate inaccurate images 
  • Limited control over generated images 

Pricing of OpenAI DALL-E 2: 

OpenAI DALL-E 2 is available at a price of $0.02 for an image generation with pixels 1024 X 1024. Meanwhile, the price range for an image with a resolution of 512 X 512 is available at $0.018. 

5. NOWAI – Best user-friendly Discord AI art generator

NOWAI is an AI Art generator that allows users to transform their imagination into realistic images. Users can access NOWAI through a web application, Discord bot, or Telegram bot.

NOWAI allows users to generate their desired AI artworks, graphics, and images through text prompts, images, or both. This tool has employed a latent diffusion model to generate high-quality graphics for its users. 

This tool even contains a wide range of features that allow users to expand their image, enhance the resolution of the image, provide brilliant styles, and more. It even has a community section that allows users to access different AI images to gain inspiration. Overall, NOWAI is a decent Discord AI Art generator for creating graphics, artwork, images, and more.  

Features of NOWAI: 

  • Allow users to create new variations of the same image using simple clicks. 
  • Edit or remove an element from the image by painting the area. 
  • Allow users to extend any images beyond their edges to a completely new aspect ratio. 
  • Users can transform or enhance the resolution of their images using Next-gen image upscale. 


  • Infinitely expand images 
  • Enhance image resolution 
  • Generate new variations 


  • At times unable to generate accurate images 

Pricing of NOWAI: 

Basic Plan Pro Plan Elite Plan 
$8/month $16/month $40/month 
10000 ogems20000 ogems 60000 ogems 

6. OpenArt AI – Best Feature-rich server

OpenArt AI is another creative AI Art Generator that can be accessed through Discord. This platform allows users to explore their ideas with AI thinking partners and generate stunning visuals.

The best part about this Discord AI Art generator is its feature-rich server. It allows users to view, evaluate, and comment on the Art generation built by other members of the community. 

Users can leverage more than 30 different AI generators within a few seconds. To produce original AI art generations it utilizes models like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E 2. Users can also access the ‘Smart’ search system to browse and access various artworks. OpenArt AI also allows users to access the generated images for commercial use, even the ones generated using Stable Diffusion.

Features of OpenArt AI: 

  • Utilizes Image-generating models like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E 2. 
  • Allow users to generate NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images by subscribing to the Hobbyist or Pro plan. 
  • Provides adequate control to users by allowing them to select their preferred color theme, creativity, and similarity. 
  • Provides a wide range of settings and options to its users. 


  • Users can leverage 30+ AI image generators 
  • Provides 1000 free credits for signing up 
  • Allow users to access generated images for commercial use


  • Requires Discord or Google account to access OpenArt
  • No modification option available for renderings

Pricing of OpenArt AI: 

Starter Hobbyist Pro
$7.99/month $15.99/month $31.99/month 
5000 monthly paid credits 15000 monthly paid credits Unlimited monthly paid credits 

7. Lexica – Best for high-quality art

Lexica is an excellent Discord AI Art generator that can create stunning AI images using cutting-edge technology. It utilizes a Stable Diffusion prompt search engine to generate AI Art. This model is highly versatile but the main focus is towards popping colors and rendering subjects. 

Lexica contains an easy-to-use interface that can be accessed by anyone regardless of the expertise level. It provides a free trial which can be accessed by users before purchasing a premium plan.

Users can generate up to 100 free images using the free trial. However, only premium plan users can actually use their generated images for commercial usage. Overall, Lexica is an amazing choice for creating high-resolution images with a user-friendly interface. 

Features of Lexica: 

  • Utilizes Stable Diffusion as the foundation to generate AI Art. 
  • Users accessing premium plans can use AI-generated images for commercial use. 
  • Provides a free membership where users can generate up to 100 free images. 
  • Lexica is extremely versatile and allows users to render subjects and popping colors effortlessly. 
  • Allow Max plan users to keep their images private. 
  • Allows you to generate high-quality and realistic adult AI art


  • Simple Interface 
  • Provides realistic image generations 
  • Versatile mode for rendering 
  • Available for commercial use 


  • A limited number of fast-generations
  • Doesn’t allow Starter and Pro plan users to keep their generated images private 
  • No Paypal payment option 
  • Image generation might be slow at times 

Pricing of Lexica: 

Starter Plan Pro Plan (Most Popular) Max Plan 
$10/month $30/month $60/month 
1000 fast generations3000 fast generations 7000 fast generations 

8. Wombot

Wombot is a Discord version of Dream AI that allows users to generate astonishing images using text prompts. Similar to the web application, users can adjust the settings once the AI image has been generated.

Users can perform numerous variations and edit elements or objects from your generated image to get your desired results. 

The best part about Wombot is that users can create hilarious content and memes using simple commands through this AI Art generator. Users can turn their imagination and ideas into stunning visuals and fun content using Wombot. Overall, Wombot is one of the best Discord AI Art Generators for content creators, artists, social media, and more. 

Features of Wombot: 

  • Allow users to enhance the quality of their generated image through the Upscale feature. 
  • Users can fine-tune their images from a grid of images. 
  • Contains various customization options such as filters, colors, textures, and more. 
  • Allow users to create and use their own custom styles through Wombot Premium. 


  • User-Friendly 
  • Allow users to create hilarious content and memes 
  • Simple and intuitive 


  • AI might limit creativity
  • Results are not always accurate 

Pricing of Wombot: 

The premium plan by Wombot is available at $49.99. 

How do I generate AI images in Discord?

To generate AI Images in Discord, you need to first select an AI Art Generator such as Midjourney, BlueWillow, Wombot, etc. Let’s say you are using Midjourney. For this, you need to visit the website of the Midjourney and ‘Join the Beta.’

Now, you need to find the newbies channel and generate your AI images by with /imagine command. After typing /imagine, the prompt will appear where you need to enter your prompt or a short description of your desired image. Tap ‘Done’ and your image will be generated. 

Final Thoughts

Discord AI Art Generators can help you generate stunning visuals in no time. Apart from this Discord Server can also help users gain inspiration from other users’ creations.

Above we have listed down some of the best Discord AI Art Generators that can help you generate stunning AI Artworks and images. Apart from this, we have also listed its features, pros and cons, and pricing. 

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