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Does Twitter Use Artificial Intelligence?



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Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. Today it has become an essential part of modern communication and distribution of information.

Millions of tweets get posted on Twitter daily, and with such a wide range of content available, it has become quite challenging to ensure the safety of its users due to which Twitter has turned to modern solutions i.e. Artificial Intelligence.

Twitter uses Artificial Intelligence to tackle numerous issues such as recommendation of tweets, hate speech, Ad targeting, language translation, and much more. 

In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at how Twitter uses Artificial intelligence, ways through which AI can improve its platform, social media platforms that use AI, and more.

Does Twitter Use Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, Twitter does use artificial intelligence in numerous ways. The primary reason why Twitter utilizes artificial intelligence is to improve the recommendation system and suggest suitable accounts for users to follow and engage in interesting tweets based on their preferences. 

Twitter utilizes machine learning algorithms to curate personalized content and tweets that are suitable for each user’s timeline.

These algorithms can analyze a user’s Twitter account and examine the users’ behavior such as the kind of content they like to engage in, interested topics, accounts followed by the users, and much more.

Based on these, the algorithm will suggest tweets and posts that align perfectly with users’ interests and preferences.

Apart from this, Twitter also uses artificial intelligence to identify inappropriate or potentially flagged content that contains hate speech or exhibit content.

7 Ways Twitter Uses AI to Improve Its Platform

Twitter uses AI in numerous ways to enhance users’ experience online and boost their platform. Below we have listed down the top 7 ways Twitter uses AI to improve its platform: 

1. Fight hate speech 

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms across the world, where almost 500 million are sent every day. Regardless of its popularity, Twitter understandably becomes a hub for hate speech and inappropriate conversations on a regular basis.

Twitter relies on AI and machine learning algorithms to fight against abusive and spam content and provide a safe and secure environment for its users.

The automated algorithms help identify inappropriate or exhibit content through millions of tweets and flag the content for review to human moderators.

Twitter uses artificial intelligence to identify hate speech, racist content or comments, violence, content from extremist groups, and much more. 

2. Language Translation 

Twitter contains an AI-driven translation feature that helps users translate any tweet or post into another language.

Twitter introduced this feature for global reach, so anyone can easily understand and interact with tweets from across the world and break language barriers. 

3. Ad Targeting 

Twitter is one of the most used and popular social media platforms worldwide, with millions of people sending in tweets every day. This has resulted in many marketers and business leaders using this platform to promote their products and services on Twitter.

The machine learning algorithm and AI help analyze users’ data and gain insight into users’ interests, preferences, and browsing habits.

Allowing advertisers to promote their ads to specific audience segments. The AI-driven algorithm helps target the ad delivery to users who are most likely to engage with the advertisement. 

4. Help find relevant topics 

Machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence help users in finding relevant and useful topics based on their individual preferences and interests. Twitter utilizes algorithms to study and understand an individual’s behavior and choices.

Based on this collected information, the platform surfaces content that might align with users’ interests. This way the platform can determine what topics and hashtags are suitable for the users.

For example, if you are a sports enthusiast and tend to follow a lot of sports accounts, Twitter will suggest more and more trending tweets on your timeline to enhance your Twitter experience. 

5. Generate better search results 

Twitter utilizes artificial intelligence to improve the search results for its users. This is done by the algorithms monitoring and identifying the tweets that receive maximum engagement on Twitter and based on it, they work on surfacing similar content.

This is done to ensure the user can witness the most popular and relevant content on Twitter, whenever they search for a particular topic or hashtag on the platform. 

Twitter mainly uses machine learning and AI to enhance the search results specifically for a particular topic or event.

For example, during the World Cup, Twitter will utilize AI and its algorithms to ensure the most relevant and popular tweets are being surfaced when someone searches for the World Cup in Twitter’s search engine.

This helps users receive the information they are looking for without the interruption of any unwanted tweets. 

6. Suggest new people to follow 

The AI-driven algorithm can identify the following list of a Twitter account, its engagement pattern, interests, and more. It uses activity analysis to identify your tweets, retweets, likes, and other interactions to understand your preferences.

This data can help suggest to users a list of people to follow to have a more enhanced experience on Twitter. 

7. Improve video quality 

Twitter aims to enhance users’ experience on this platform and this includes the posts and videos shared on the platform. Twitter uses artificial intelligence to ensure the best-quality video has surfaced for its users on the platform.

It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the video shared on Twitter and identify the patterns that might indicate a requirement for improvement. If they identify any video with low sound quality or video quality, the algorithm will flag the video and send it further for review.

The AI will be utilized to determine ways through which an improvement can take place. Twitter might even use AI to create a preview image which can help catch users’ attention.

Does Twitter Use Deep Learning?

Yes, Twitter uses deep learning for various purposes on this social media platform.

Deep learning is a part of machine learning that includes neural networks that are particularly suited for various tasks such as language processing, recognition of images, and recommendation systems.

Deep learning in Twitter can be useful for content moderation, recommending tweets, trending topics, helping find relevant topics and hashtags, and much more. 

Which social media uses AI?

Numerous social media platforms utilize artificial intelligence technologies to improve their platform, enhance users’ experience, target ads, and suggest relevant content based on an individual’s interests and preferences.

Here are some of the social media platforms that use AI: 

TikTok: TikTok also uses artificial intelligence algorithms to suggest content to its users based on their likes or content saved by the individual. Apart from this, it also helps with personalized feeds and suggests video editing posts to enhance users’ overall experience in TikTok. 

Instagram: The popular social media platform Instagram uses AI and machine learning to identify the most relevant and suitable content for its users based on their past interactions. 

Facebook: Facebook utilizes AI and machine learning to identify and remove content against the community standard. AI-based automatic translation system helps auto-translate text on Facebook to remove any communication barrier on the platform.

LinkedIn: Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn utilizes AI and machine learning for job recommendations based on your skills and qualifications. It also helps suggest candidates to recruiters, provide personalized content, and more. 

YouTube: YouTube utilizes AI algorithms to identify your watched videos and recommend similar videos based on your YouTube history and preferences. YouTube also uses artificial intelligence for content moderation, copyright infringement, and suggesting videos. 

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