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How to Download Microsoft Edge Browser With New Ai Chatbot Features


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Microsoft announced integration between OpenAI’s Chat model and Edge browser, earlier this month. With this integration, the Microsoft Edge browser will provide new AI capabilities such as Chat and Compose. 

New features initiated in Microsoft Edge will allow the summarization of reports and content composition for its users, making it more straightforward for users to understand and create content. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to download the Microsoft Edge browser with new AI chatbot features. 

How to Download Microsoft Edge Browser With New Ai Chatbot Features

Microsoft Edge: What Are These AI-powered Features?

Microsoft Edge has introduced a new version of Edge with a new look, fluid user interface, and rounded corners. In addition, you’ll also find the new Bing chat interface on the Edge Sidebar, allowing users to search topics directly instead of navigating to Bing manually. 

Microsoft has also added two AI-powered features “Chat” and “Compose,” in Edge. Chat is used to get a summarization of the content available on the loaded page, users can ask queries about any content on the web or document. Compose is a writing assistant that assists users in developing texts, emails, descriptions, social media posts, and more, amongst other things based on a few prompts. It can also help users with the length and tone of the post. 

How Can I Install the New ChatGPT Powered Microsoft Edge?

You can try the new edge browser, by installing Edge dev on your device. Microsoft contains various insider versions of the Edge browser, allowing users to access the new features and share their feedback with Microsoft. Edge dev lies in between Edge Canary and Edge Beta. Here’s how you can install Edge Dev and access the new features: 

  • Visit via a browser 
  • Tap on Download (Click on the arrow to select any specific OS, and ensure your page defaults to the one you’re operating)
  • Click “Accept” and download 
  • Open the downloaded (Microsoft edge dev) file  
  • Wait till your PC installs Microsoft Edge Dev 
  • Login to your Microsoft account 
  • Tap on the Bing icon available at the top, and start accessing the new AI features 

Installed Edge but Can’t Find the New Ai Features?

Microsoft hasn’t rolled out new AI features on Edge in stable builds. Therefore, to access the new feature, you need to download Edge Dev. New AI features “Chat” and “Compose” are limited to the desktop version of the app. After installing Edge Dev, you can access the new AI features by tapping on the Bing logo available on the right corner of your screen.

How to Use the New AI-powered Bing

Microsoft’s newly launched AI-powered Bing contains limited access. To use the Bing chatbot, you need to sign up to Microsoft and Join the waitlist. Here’s how you can sign up and join the waitlist on Microsoft Bing: 

  • Launch
  • Click on “Sign Up” and enter your email address, If you don’t have an account, click on “create one”
  • Enter your email id, password and verify the account
  • Login with your account and Tap on “Join the Waitlist” 
  • A message saying, “Great! You’re on the waitlist” will appear 
  • You can fasten the waiting process by setting Bing as your default search engine on your device. Simply, download Microsoft defaults to get the bing search extension

Once you’re selected, you’ll receive an access link in your email, where you can start using Bing AI. 

Is Bing Chatbot Similar to Chatgpt?

Microsoft’s Bing is powered by OpenAI, the same tech used by ChatGPT. Both Bing and ChatGPT are similar but Bing can provide more information. Bing can deliver results that go above and beyond compared results provided by ChatGPT. Since Bing is a search engine linked to the web, it helps provide the most relevant search results, providing easy solutions and access to quality content generated by web publishers. 

ChatGPT doesn’t provide search results, as it’s not linked to the web. Instead, it provides text, it sources its data from a high range of texts, which helps in understanding the queries and context of the chat. Bing crawls the web automatically to create an index of URLs to furnish various search results appropriate to the user-initiated searches. The content includes several online resources such as websites, videos, documents, images, and more. 

Meanwhile, ChatGPT contains a pre-training process, where the system gets fed with a high range of data and fine-tuned to perform various tasks such as translation and summarizing the content. Therefore, ChatGPT and Bing do contain few similarities, but both AI tools do contain several key differences as well. 

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