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The most versatile text-to-speech generator that generates realistic voice from any length of text

About Eleven Labs AI

Eleven Labs is an innovative speech generator that uses artificial intelligence for speech synthesizing and voice cloning. It transforms text of any length into top-quality speech to match exactly what is being said. The tool helps authors, content creators, and other individuals generate compelling speech from a text. It analyzes the entire text instead of line-by-line speech conversion to give the best-quality results.

Eleven Labs AI can detect the emotion and tone of the text and generate speech to match it exactly. The platform is available as a beta tool with limited features. The tool is soon going to add a new dubbing tool that re-generates an audio or voice clip in another language.

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Company NameEleven Labs
Launch Date2022
CategorySpeech generation tools

Eleven Labs AI Features

Eleven Labs AI offers various speech synthesis and voice cloning features for users. Some of its best features include the following:

  • It offers a voice lab where you can create voices from scratch or modify existing ones.
  • The speech synthesis feature converts a single sentence or entire book into your desired speech.
  • It generates speech in top-quality voices.
  • It uses AI to understand the logic and emotions within a text.
  • It changes tones and clones other voices.

Eleven Labs AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Eleven Labs AI is ideal for people working in different industries. It can be used for various purposes, including the following:

  • Authors can use the tool to narrate their stories in a compelling voice.
  • Newspaper companies can use it to read out news for their audience.
  • Content creators can use the tool to create content in various voices.
  • Gamers can use Eleven Labs AI to generate comments on their live video games.

Eleven Labs AI Pricing

Eleven Labs AI offers a free plan for individuals looking for limited content creation. It also has a paid version with additional features, as listed below:

  • Free – $0 – Without commercial license, up to 10,000 characters monthly, three custom voices, and attribution to eleven labs.
  • Starter – $5 per month  – With commercial license, up to 30,000 characters monthly, ten custom voices, and no attribution to eleven labs.
  • Creator – $22 per month  – With commercial license, up to 100,000 characters monthly, thirty custom voices, and doesn’t require attribution to eleven labs.
  • Independent Publisher – $99 per month  – With commercial license, up to 500,000 characters monthly, 160 custom voices, and doesn’t require attribution to eleven labs.
  • Growing Business – $330 per month  – With commercial license, upto 2,000,000 characters monthly, 660 custom voices, and doesn’t require attribution to eleven labs.

Eleven Labs AI also offers custom pricing solutions for enterprise owners with huge requirements. You can contact the sales team for a custom pricing solution according to your needs.


Can I use Eleven Labs AI to create commercial content?

You can only use Eleven Labs to create commercial content with the paid plan. The free plan doesn’t allow you to create commercial content. It also requires attribution for every piece of content you create.

Is there any limit on the amount of text I can generate?

Eleven Labs allows free users to generate up to 2500 characters and paid users to generate up to 5000 characters in a single request. If you want more text, you can run multiple queries. Remember, you can only generate text until your monthly quota is available. If you exhaust the limit, you will have to wait until your credit renews.

Can I change my subscription plan?

You can change your subscription plan at any time from your account. Navigate to the Subscriptions page and choose your preferred plan. You can pay the difference amount or request a refund from the same page.

Which languages does Eleven Labs AI support?

Eleven Labs supports various languages, including Hindi, English, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and many more. You can choose your preferred languages before generating the speech.

Which payment methods does Eleven Labs AI support?

Eleven Labs AI supports various payment methods. You can pay using American Express, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or your credit/ debit card.

Eleven Labs AI is an incredible tool for text-to-speech conversion. It can clone voices, dub audio, and synthesize speech in various ways. The tool can save time for content creators, storytellers, and publishers.

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