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A deepfake text-to-speech generator that clones human-like voice clips.

About Fakeyou AI

Fakeyou AI is a powerful voice cloning and synthesizing app. It dubbed voices and generated voice clips of your favorite characters. It generates voice from texts like phrases, keywords, etc.

The tool also allows you to clone your own voice. It has an extensive library of thousands of voices that you can clone. You can also use the voices of celebrities to prank your friends.

Fakeyou AI is available in several languages. It is ideal for generating voiceovers for podcasts, YouTube videos, or other audio and video content. The tool uses NLP and advanced speech synthesis algorithms to generate voice clips.

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Company NameStoryteller
Launch Date2018
CategoryVoice generation tools

Fakeyou AI Features

Fakeyou AI is a cutting-edge AI tool that clones or generates voices from scratch. It has various features, including the following:

1. Users can customize and edit voices within the app.

2. Users can select voices from a library of over 3100.

3. It has the voices of celebrities, musicians, artists, politicians, and many more.

4. It generates high-quality and realistic speeches.

5. It is available in several languages, including Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, and French.

6. Users can clone their own voices with this tool.

7. Users can download the generated audio in .wav format or get a shareable URL to share it with others.

Fakeyou AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Fakeyou AI has various real-life applications. It can be used for the following purposes:

1. Users can use the tool to create entertaining videos by cloning celebrity voices.

2. Content creators can use the tool to clone their own voices and add to videos.

3. Marketers can use the tool to generate speech for their marketing videos.

4. Developers can use the tool to create voices that can be added to games or other applications.

Fakeyou AI Pricing

Fakeyou AI offers three monthly plans. You can select the plan that meets your requirements, from the list below.

  • Plus – $7 per month – Normal support, up to 30 seconds of text-to-speech conversion, and up to 4 minutes of audio generation.
  • Pro – $15 per month – Priority support, up to 1 minute of text-to-speech conversion, and up to 5 minutes of audio generation.
  • Elite – $25 per month – Fastest support, up to 2 minutes of text-to-speech conversion, and up to unlimited audio generation.


Can you use Fakeyou AI to generate celebrity voices for my content?

Yes, you can generate celebrity voices for your videos using Fakeyou. The tool allows users to generate and use the voices in their content and distribute them on online platforms. However, read their policies to learn more about their usage terms.

Is Fakeyou AI a multilingual tool?

Yes, Fakeyou AI can generate content in multiple languages. It produces speech in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, etc. You can use it in your native language to create engaging speech.

Does Fakeyou AI generate audio immediately?

Yes, Fakeyou AI gives results immediately. It generates audio in just a few minutes after receiving the textual or voice input. You have to give your command to the platform and give it a few minutes to create your desired voice clone.

Is Fakeyou AI legit?

Fakeyou AI is a legitimate platform. You can use the tool to generate the voices of anyone without restrictions. The tool also allows users to use the voices in their videos or share them on online platforms.

Does Fakeyou AI offer an API?

Yes, Fakeyou AI offers API access to users. You can use the API to integrate the app’s functionalities into other applications. The price of the API is calculated based on usage.

Fakeyou AI is a powerful speech synthesis and voice cloning tool. It can generate and edit voice clips and add them to your videos to make them entertaining.

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