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Google to add AI chat to its search engine, says CEO Sundar Pichai



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Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, has revealed its recent plans to integrate Conversational AI into its search engine to increase its productivity rate as it deals with pressure from AI chatbots like ChatGPT. The integration of Chat AI into Search engines will help supercharge Google’s capability where users will be able to engage with Large language models in the context of search engines. 

Key Points:

  • Google has been planning to introduce Chat AI features to its Google Search engine to enhance its productivity. 
  • With the integration of Chat AI, users will be able to ask queries to Google and engage with LLM with context to search engines. 
  • Around 12,000 employees were laid off by Google due to pressure to cut loose on costs.
Google to add AI chat to its search engine, says CEO Sundar Pichai

Google has revealed they plan on bringing Artificial intelligence chat to their search engine. CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai said in an interview, With the recent advances in conversational AI the search engine will supercharge Google’s ability to respond to an array of search queries as it deals with pressures from AI chatbots like ChatGPT along with wider business issues. 

He even dismissed any notion stating the addition of a chatbot would result in threatening the search business. Talking about the opportunity space Sundar Pichai stated, “It’s larger than before.” 

Alphabet has been generating large language models which can respond to users’ prompts in a human-like way. Although, the company wasn’t able to incorporate its technology into its search engine till now which accounts for more than half the revenue of Alphabet Inc, (parent company of google) GOOG 3.76% increase.

Pichai stated, With the integration of Chat AI in the Google search engine, users will be able to raise inputs and engage with Large language models in context to search engines effortlessly. 

In March, Google dropped a few indistinct hints regarding its plan to integrate Artificial intelligence technology into its search engine. Although no specific information was dropped on the timeline. The official announcement was made when Google launched its version of the AI chatbot ‘Bard’.  

A few weeks ago, Microsoft invested millions of dollars into Artificial Intelligence powerhouse OpenAI, after which ChatGPT was integrated into Microsoft’s Bing search engine. After ChatGPT integration Bing has an edge over Google’s search engine which is still following conventional search approaches. 

With the continuation of Microsoft having an edge after the integration, Google had been pressured by its investors to cut loose on the costs. Recently, it was announced by Google, the company would be laying off around 12,000 employees, which would result in 6% of its workforce. 

It was stated by Pichai, that Google was unable to achieve its target which the company set in September of becoming 20% more productive. He claimed the company was quite comfortable with the speed of change, although he won’t directly address the prospects of the layoffs. 

Ruth Porat, Google’s Chief Financial Officer told its employees last week to expect more spending cuts on areas that are ranging from dining facilities to the computing infrastructure of the company, which might be critical for creating and running strong AI algorithms. 

Pichai said, ‘‘We are being focused towards generating durable savings. We are extremely pleased with the progress, however, there is more work currently left to do’’. 

Following the success of OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT, Google has been working towards AI efforts regardless of the cost cuts, to help accelerate work on new products. As of now, Google is battling competitive competition along with a grappling recession and rising inflation at the same time. 

Pichai’s recent comments will function as a breather for the search giants. However, it will be quite appealing to witness how Google’s search engine integration with large language models will distinguish itself from its competitors.  

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