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The increasing use of AI tools for content creation has increased the demand for AI plagiarism detectors. GPT Zero is one such tool that business owners and schools use to detect AI-based content. It is a free tool accessible directly from GPTZero’s official website.

GPT Zero was developed by a student studying at Princeton University soon after ChatGPT’s release in 2022. It accurately distinguishes between human and AI-written content. However, users still question the accuracy and reliability of GPT Zero.

In this guide, we will quickly review GPT Zero and its features. So, without wasting time, let’s dive in!


What is GPT Zero?

GPT Zero is an AI detection tool developed by Edward Tiana a Princeton student to detect AI-written text. You can access GPT Zero by visiting its official website ( The tool is trained on a massive dataset to identify which text is written by humans and which is written by AI tools like ChatGPT, Jasper AI, etc.

GPT Zero identifies AI text based on the patterns and words used within the content. Typically, AI tools follow a pattern while generating content. This makes them less efficient than humans. AI detectors can easily spot such patterns to identify AI-written content.

GPT Zero is currently free, but you may need to create an account to use it for longer text. The downside of this tool is that it is still in the beta phase. So, it is prone to make errors or provide false results sometimes.

GPT Zero Pricing

GPT Zero doesn’t charge a single penny for AI text detection. You can use it absolutely free, regardless of the length of your text. The only catch is that you must sign up for a new account by entering your email address to test longer texts.

Again, GPT Zero offers premium features for educators. You can upgrade to the premium version by filling out the official form on the official website. This plan will give a detailed analysis of the content and increased character limit with unlimited batch processing. The premium version is not yet officially released. You must apply for access and wait until the team approves your request.

GPT Zero Features

GPT Zero is used by one million users worldwide. The platform offers several features that distinguish it from other AI content detection tools. Below are some striking features of GPT Zero.

Holistic plagiarism scores

GPT Zero generates plagiarism results using two factors – perplexity and burstiness. Perplexity indicates how good an AI platform is at predicting the next word for a given text. Burstiness checks the sentence structure and organization within a content. If it detects similarity in the pattern, the text is likely written by an AI tool.

Highlights AI content

Sometimes only a few portions of your text will have AI content. GPT Zero highlights the text that it thinks is written by AI. This way, you don’t have to re-edit the entire content. Simply rewrite the detected content and submit it!

Offers API

GPT Zero is in its initial phases but still offers API for developers. You can use this API to integrate GPT Zero features into other websites or apps. The API is not available for everyone. So, you have to apply for GPT Zero API by filling out its API request form.

Works for different AI platforms

Most users use GPT Zero to detect ChatGPT-written content. But it is not limited to that! GPT Zero accurately identifies content written by various AI platforms built on GPT-2, GPT-3, LLaMa, etc., language models.

Company Behind GPT Zero 

GPT Zero is not established or owned by any company. A Princeton Student, Edward Tian, developed the platform to help educators detect AI plagiarism within students’ academic essays and assignments.

How does GPT Zero Work?

GPT Zero identifies AI-written content by analyzing text patterns in content and predicting the next words. If a text is easily predictable, it is written by AI tools. Alternatively, if the text has varied sentence structures, words, or patterns, it is human-written.

GPT Zero detects AI content based on two factors:

  • Perplexity – It measures the randomness within a text based on predictability. If a text is easily predictable, it is AI-written. It measures the perplexity value between 0 to 100. 0 indicates the content is artificially generated, and 100 is human-written.
  • Burstiness – Burstiness refers to the non-common terms used within a text. If the content contains varied words, phrases, and sentence structures, it is mostly written by humans.

To detect AI-written content, enter your text in the space on GPTZero’s website and hit Get Results. GPT Zero will check the content and return results as AI, human, or mixed content. You can also upload a pdf or doc file.

What can you do with GPT Zero?

GPT Zero is primarily used to detect artificially written content. Educators, schools, and universities widely use the platform to check their students’ work. GPTZero is fine-tuned to detect AI plagiarism in academic content.

Is Gpt Zero Accurate

GPT Zero is not accurate at all. The problem with GPT Zero is that it uses burstiness and perplexity to calculate if the text was written by AI, and it doesn’t work that well.

Gpt Zero Accuracy

Though GPT Zero does a really good job at recognizing the texts created using ChatGPT. The accuracy of GPT Zero is estimated to be around 98%. This means that it is able to correctly identify whether a given text was written by a human or an AI with a 98% success rate. While GPT Zero is very accurate, it is not perfect.

Final Thoughts

GPT Zero is an excellent tool for AI detection. The best part about this tool is that it’s free and provides accurate results for almost every content type. The tool can detect content written by various AI language models, including ChatGPT. If you are looking for a less costly yet efficient AI detector, GPT Zero is a must-try!

Remember, the tool is in the beta phase and new. Its results may not be as good as those of paid AI detection tools.

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