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The AI-powered platform designed to help legal professionals worldwide.

About Harvey AI

Harvey AI is a Open AI and Sequoia backed AI system developed to revolutionize how legal professionals work. The tool is still in beta mode and only accessible via its waitlist. Harvey AI is built on Legal Language Models (LLMs) to tackle the most challenging tasks faced by legal firms. It helps lawyers understand complex cases accurately and faster. It interprets content in simple English so that professionals don’t have to use specialized tools to understand them.

Harvey AI can be integrated into existing law firm systems to streamline their workflows. It is a generative AI tool that can be modified according to the law firm’s requirements. The tool helps in various legal operations to save the time and money of legal firms.

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Company NameHarvey
Launch Date2022
CategoryProductivity tools

Harvey AI Features

Harvey AI offers several features for legal professionals to build custom models for their firms. Some of its prominent features include the following:

  • It is trained with a large dataset of legal data to provide accurate responses.
  • It uses Open AI’s GPT language model to understand and interpret legal operations.
  • It can analyse contracts, provide insights, and generate recommendations.
  • It can conduct legal research and analyze legal data to find relevant cases.
  • It prevents lawyers from avoiding mistakes by reviewing contracts and providing suggestions for improvement.
  • It automates repetitive tasks so that firms can focus on other important operations.

Harvey AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Harvey AI is specifically designed for law firms. Legal professionals can use the tool to perform various tasks, such as:

  • Analyze and edit legal contracts.
  • Conduct legal research.
  • Predict case outcomes.
  • Handle large amount of legal work faster and more accurately.

Harvey AI Pricing

Harvey AI is available as a beta product. Law firms have to apply through the waitlist to start using the platform. So, no information regarding its pricing is available. It is anticipated that the pricing details will be released only after Harvey AI is launched for everyone. Until then, you can use it for free through its waitlist.


Can anyone use Harvey AI?

No, Harvey AI is not a tool for everyone. It is designed only for legal professionals and law firms. If you are not working in the legal field, you cannot access it. The company will verify this information when you apply for access through its waitlist.

Can Harvey AI write legal contracts?

Harvey AI can write legal contracts, edit them, and review them. It is trained using a huge dataset of legal data to generate accurate legal contracts.

Is Harvey AI reliable?

Harvey AI is an excellent tool for lawyers. It can perform various legal operations to save the time and money of legal professionals. It can also write contracts on behalf of lawyers. However, the tool is not perfect. So, it is essential to get the contract reviewed by a lawyer before using it to give legal advice.

Is Harvey AI developed by Open AI?

Open AI has funded Harvey AI. But Harvey AI is not a product of Open AI. The tool is developed by a separate company. Open AI is only a supporter of the product. It doesn’t own it entirely.

Can I get a demo of Harvey AI?

Yes, Harvey AI provides a free demo for its users. You must join the waitlist by filling out the form on its official website. If Harvey AI selects your law firm, they will contact you to set up a free demo.

Harvey AI is a revolutionary tool for legal firms seeking to automate and speed up their tasks. The tool has not yet been released publicly, but you can join the waitlist to get early access.

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