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How much does Auto GPT cost?



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After ChatGPT, the internet is flooded with several new AI tools. AutoGPT is one of them. AutoGPT uses Open AI’s GPT-4 language model to process and respond to written or spoken language data automatically. It performs various language processing tasks with minimal human intervention.

AutoGPT was developed as an experimental chatbot by a developer called Significant Gravitas. However, after its official release in March 2023, it is accessible from its website. You can effortlessly install and use it on your device. In this guide, we will talk about Auto GPT price and the factors affecting it.

How much does Auto-GPT cost?

AutoGPT is a free AI language processing application. After creating a free account, you can download and use it on your device. AutoGPT free version is available lifetime. However, AutoGPT uses credits to perform language processing and text generation activities.

Initially, you get free credits worth $18 while signing up for a new account. You can use these credits for various tasks. But after exhausting the free credits, you must purchase new ones using your preferred payment method.

Besides, AutoGPT allows users to explore the platform for free. You can check the functionalities or familiarize yourself with the user interface without spending credits. The platform will only charge for the activities it performs. The cost is calculated based on the number of API calls made to GPT-4. GPT-4 costs start at $0.03 for 1000 tokens for prompts and $0.06 per 1000 tokens for results, similar to AutoGPT.

Factors Affecting the Cost of AutoGPT

The cost of AutoGPT depends on various factors. It is calculated based on the following information:

Number of Tokens Used

The first factor to consider while calculating AutoGPT cost is the total tokens used to process a query. One token is around four words. The total tokens used to produce the output affect the processing time and cost of AutoGPT. You can reduce the cost by efficiently managing the tokens and reducing the number of tokens used to generate an output.

The number of tokens for simple tasks will be less. But while handling larger queries, AutoGPT will use more tokens. To reduce the cost, you can divide the large task into simpler and shorter parts before giving it to AutoGPT. This will reduce the number of API requests and save credits.

You can track and reduce token usage by giving tasks more thoughtfully.

Frequency of Use

AutoGPT is available worldwide without restrictions. Users can use the application anytime via their account. This frequency of usage also affects the cost of AutoGPT. Some users may use AutoGPT occasionally, whereas others might use it several times daily.

Again, its cost will increase if you use AutoGPT for complex tasks or difficult projects. The cost also varies based on memory usage.

Complexity of Tasks

AutoGPT can handle various complex tasks. It can process advanced language data and generate results for complex questions across various topics. However, the complexity of the task also matters while using AutoGPT. If a task is simple, the cost would be lesser. Alternatively, if AutoGPT has to process a complex task, it will cost more tokens and time, resulting in more credit usage.

The cost of using AutoGPT varies based on the tokens used, complexity level, and frequency of using the app. It also varies for every user. You can track the cost from your dashboard and refill the credits before they get exhausted.

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