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How to Access and use ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin


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OpenAI just took ChatGPT to another level by announcing the rollout of its Code Interpreter for all ChatGPT Plus users by next week via Twitter. This means that users can analyze data, create charts, and edit codes, among other things, with the subscription service ChatGPT Plus.

Now the generative AI will be able to run codes and enable users to boost Search Engine Optimisation. While OpenAI’s Dall-E turns text to image, ChatGPT Code Interpreter will turn images into text, and also open doors for AI to edit videos.

As ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin gears up to spark off another phase in the AI revolution, here’s everything you need to know about what it is, how to get access to chatgpt code interpreter and how it can be used for optimum results.

ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin

What is Chatgpt Code Interpreter Plugin

ChatGPT does everything from writing college essays to creating scripts, but with Code Interpreter Plugin, it can run Python codes within chats. Users can upload document to ChatGPT to adjust the code or suggest possible modifications.

For professionals and firms with piles of information, ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin will act as a quick data analysis tool, which will bring nuance and accuracy to the table. It also has the capability to determine which information is important enough to be extracted from all the available data.

ChatGPT Code Interpreter will be available for paid subscribers next week but has already been used for visualizing the location of every lighthouse in the US.

Chatgpt Code Interpreter Waitlist

Code Interpreter is a plugin that will enhance ChatGPT’s capabilities, and since it was being rolled out slowly, users were on a waitlist to gain access. One simply had to go to the OpenAI website and visit the ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin page to be added to the waitlist.

Those who didn’t want to wait, were able to access Code Interpreter as Discord server owners, through the GPT Assistant bot that loads ChatGPT into servers.

Why Don’t I Have Access to Code Interpreter plugin?

Although ChatGPT has reached users globally, certain plugins such as Code Interpreter will still be accessible only through a $20 paid subscription. The gradual pace of its roll-out also meant that ChatGPT Code Interpreter hasn’t been made available to all paid users, but that will change in a week,

How to Get Access to Chatgpt Code Interpreter plugin

For those who have already been provided with access to ChatGPT Code Interpreter, the plugin can be activated with few simple steps.

  • First, visit the OpenAI visit and log into ChatGPT.
  • Click on the three dot menu on the bottom left side of the window.
  • Select Beta Features from the menu and then go to plugins, and select web browsing if you wish to use Code Interpreter online as well.
how to use chatgpt code interpreter plugin
  • From a drop-down menu under the option to select language model, click on All Plugins and pick Code Interpreter from the list before interpreting.
  • Once a user is done with this process, the Code Interpreter plugin will be active while they interact with ChatGPT.
how to get access to chatgpt code interpreter plugin

How to Use Code Interpreter in ChatGPT plugin

  • Once users have access to ChatGPT Code Interpreter, they can use it in multiple ways, and below are the use cases that can be explored.
  • Code Interpreter can be used to represent data in visual form by generating code that can create charts and graphs.
  • Apart from creating visuals and files, ChatGPT can also upload them to a website or to download files as well.
  • Designed for data analysis, ChatGPT Code Interpreter is also capable of cleaning up the information available to deliver clear insights.
  • Apart from converting visuals to text, ChatGPT Code Interpreter also allows the AI to convert image files from one format to another.

Why is the ChatGPT Code Interpreter plugin Not in Store?

OpenAI hadn’t released ChatGPT Code Interpreter among plugins for users, since it was still in the Alpha phase. But with a roll-out by next week, all the paid ChatGPT Plus users will be able to use the plugin to explore data analysis and code running capabilities.

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