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How to Supercharge Email Productivity with AI


Sagar Choudhury

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No matter what industry you work in, the past few months have been ablaze with news about artificial intelligence (AI).

From streamlining creative processes to automating laborious tasks, AI is rapidly becoming integrated into the workforce, helping to improve productivity and leverage technology for speed.

Marketing is one of the fields that has most directly felt the impact of AI, with its quickly scaling utility providing a range of tools, systems, and integrations that make the day-to-day much easier.

Of all the aspects of marketing, one area that shines when fused with AI is email marketing.

The typical employee will spend around 28%f of their workday answering and reading emails, amounting to a huge cost in terms of workforce labor and time in the office. For those who work in email marketing, this percentage is staggeringly higher.

By integrating AI technologies into various areas of email, employees are able to supercharge their email productivity.

Whether it’s a writing assistant to help you speed through your responses, editing tools, or even mailing list segmentation, there are a number of ways you can streamline your use of email.

In this article, we’ll dive into the top tools that you can use to supercharge email productivity with artificial intelligence, demonstrating how you can forge a new era of effectiveness in the workplace. Let’s dive right in.

How Does AI Help Improve Email Productivity?

At this point in the game, AI is very much a catch-all term. With thousands of disparate AI networks that all focus on different use cases, one AI tool could mean something completely different from another.

That said, the core purpose of AI is to use computers to perform tasks with human-like intelligence, surpassing the speed with which humans could achieve the same task.

In something as variable as email, there are numerous functions that you can incorporate AI into. For example, you can use AI to:

  • Create new emails from a template – By using generational AI, you can rapidly create a new email from scratch, hitting all of the main points you want to communicate without tirelessly having to craft your own writing.
  • Sort emails based on priority – With over 100 emails arriving in the average person’s inbox per day, the ability to sort through these to find the most important ones is a superpower. Using AI tools, you can rank emails by importance, trained on your own response data.
  • Input personalized copy into an email – Personalization is one of the most effective ways of improving the click-through rate on an email. With AI email manager tools, you can input personalized copy into an email template, ensuring every reader has a tailored experience.
  • Streamline email editing – Using AI tools, you can rapidly fix any grammar, spelling, or continuity mistakes that you have accidentally made in your emails. Doing this will refine any errors and ensure you come across as professional.

As AI continues to develop, there will likely be even more usages that spring up in the future. While still relatively new to the field, there are plenty of opportunities to improve email functionality and responsiveness by using AI.

Steps to Integrate AI into Your Email Process

If you’re looking to integrate AI into your email process, there are several core stages that you can go through.

Each of these steps represents an additional layer of AI assistance, starting with basic editing help and expanding toward total email management. Let’s break down each of these core steps.

Writing Support

The first and most commonly used aspect of AI within email writing is for grammar and punctuation editing.

By using a tool that corrects your errors as you go, you can spend less time reading and re-reading emails to find those pesky errors. Across every email you send in a day, this can save a huge amount of time in the long run.

Alongside editing tools, there are a number of AI tools that you can use to bring something extra to every single email.

For example, by using an AI signature generator, you can create your very own signature and embed it within every email you send. Doing this will allow you to include a personal element at the end of each email.

Considering how many emails most employees have to wade through, a small but personal element like this can really demonstrate that the recipient is talking to a real person. And, considering how easy AI makes it to generate and include this aspect, it’s a total win-win.

Writing Production

Generative AI is one of the first technologies that really captured public attention. In the world of email productivity, this also rings true. By using artificial intelligence, you can draft long emails without the need actually to write any of the emails yourself.

By using generative AI, you can type a prompt that includes all of the information you want to include, detailing the tone, length, and structure you desire. From there, the tool will generate the text for you, saving you time and the hassle of creating an email yourself.

After a few quick tweaks, you’ll be ready to hit send. This next step of AI-first email productivity is especially effective if you find yourself writing lots of emails each day.

Email Management

Finally, to boost email productivity, the third stage of AI implementation is to move toward complete AI-first email management.

Using a comprehensive AI email platform, you can rapidly manage your inbox, moving certain emails to specific folders or even ranking emails by importance.

If you tend to get over 100-200 emails per day, then an AI management system can help orient you in the masses and point you toward where your priorities should lie. 

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence is one of the most powerful tools that the workforce currently has at its disposal. Alongside shifting our relationship with work, AI is forging a new era of productivity.

Especially for emails, which constitute a huge part of the average person’s day, the ability to streamline this process and save time is a highly valuable deployment of this emerging technology.

By using the steps that we have outlined in this article, you’ll be able to craft a comprehensive AI-first email system.

Whether you want to decrease how long it takes you to write an email, come across as more personable, or improve overall email management, there is an AI possibility for you.

Collecting several AI tools and using them in tandem is where artificial intelligence can really shine, helping to dramatically increase your email productivity in the workplace. 

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