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How to Use Google Bard



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Google Bard, the conversational AI chatbot by Google, is now available in more than 180 countries. It is a close competitor of the Open AI and Microsoft-backed chatbot, ChatGPT.

The chatbot responds to almost every question you ask it. It can perform various tasks like text generation, translation, summarization, coding, etc.

Until now, Bard was available as a beta product. But as per Google’s recent announcement, users don’t have to join the waitlist to explore Bard and its functionalities.

You can directly sign up for a new account and start using Bard. Read this guide for more instructions on how to use Google Bard.

How to Use Google Bard

Before you use Bard

Before jumping on to the instructions for using Bard, here are a few points to remember.

  • Bard will support over 40 languages in the future. You can chat with it in your native language as long as Bard understands it. You can currently use Bard in US English, Korean, and Japanese.
  • You don’t need to join the waitlist to access Bard.
  • The platform only accepts textual inputs and generates textual outputs. No images or videos are supported.
  • Bard is still an experiment. Do not rely on its responses completely. Instead, verify the facts and statements given by Bard.
  • Bard may generate irrelevant and inappropriate answers and also hallucinate sometimes.
  • Bard doesn’t remember conversations or hold context for longer.
  • Bard is available for free. You don’t need to pay anything to use the tool.

What you need to use Google bard

You must have a Google account to create and use a new Bard account. Bard doesn’t allow users to access the platform without creating an account.

You must complete the registration process to access Bard on your device. After signing up, you can ask Bard any question, and it will generate relevant responses immediately.

Remember, Bard only allows users above 18 to access the platform. You must also use a supported browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox to access Bard.

How to Sign up to use Google Bard

Now that you know the basics, let’s run through the process of signing up for a Google Bard account. You can effortlessly create a Bard account using the steps described below:

1. Go to

First, switch on your PC or mobile device and open any web browser. Open your web browser and visit

2. Select Sign In

Click the Sign in button to Login to Google Bard. You can use your existing Google account credentials or create a new one to access Bard.

3. Accept Google Bard Terms of Service

Check on the box stating that I accept the Google Bard Terms of Service to accept its terms and conditions.

4. Start using Google Bard

You can now use Google Bard by entering a prompt in the text box at the bottom. Then hit the submit button and let Bard generate a relevant response.

How to Use Google Bard Now

To use Google Bard, follow the instructions in the previous section and register for a Bard account. After signing into your account, you can use Bard for various tasks.

Ask it to give ideas for a blog post, translate a text, summarize a paragraph, generate a recipe, etc. Here is how you can ask anything to Bard.

1. Visit

Open your web browser and visit the official Bard website ( Click the Sign In button and enter your Bard account credential. After successfully signing in, you can access the Google Bard dashboard.

2. Enter a query or search term

Once you reach the Bard dashboard, you’ll find a text bar at the bottom. Click on the search bar and enter a search term in it. Google also provides suggestions in the search bar. You can use these suggestions if you don’t know how to begin interacting with Bard.

3. Wait for a response

After entering the query, hit the submit button and wait until Bard processes your request. The tool will give your response in a few seconds. It gives one response and two other drafts with similar responses.

You can read the responses by clicking the view other drafts button and even regenerate new responses by clicking the regenerate button.

How to Start a conversation with Bard in chat

You can interact with Bard using any prompt that comes to your mind. The chatbot will generate a response for every question you ask it. However, if you are new to Bard, you can begin chatting with it in the following ways.


Bard suggests a few samples of what you can ask whenever you launch the website. The examples change every time you sign into your account. You can take inspiration from the ideas to write your prompt. Other than that, you can use the following examples to chat with Bard:

  • Write an outline for my blog post about the best courses to learn digital marketing.
  • Give me ideas to write a horror novel.
  • Draft a packing list for my next trip to Italy.
  • Write a tagline for my art studio.
  • Help me understand why plants need sunlight.
  • Write a code to find the smaller number among two numbers.
  • Debug the following code: [enter the code].

Edit your prompt

If you are unsatisfied with the output, you can tweak the prompt before hitting the regenerate response button.

To edit the prompt, click the Pencil icon next to the prompt. Modify the prompt and click on the update button. Bard will regenerate the response for your edited prompt.

Check other responses to your prompt

Bard generates two draft responses for your prompt and the main response. The draft responses are available for the latest prompt. Hit the View Other Drafts option to access other drafts.

Manage your conversation

Google Bard offers various functionalities for users. You can search for new topics, copy text, and generate responses in Bard. You can manage your conversations in the following ways:

  • Start a new conversation – Click the Menu icon on the top left and click on the Reset chat option. This will reset your conversation so that you can start over again.
  • Search for topics online – Bard allows users to search for topics related to any response generated by Bard. Hit the Google It button at the bottom of the response to search for it on Google.
  • Copy content – If you want to copy a text or code generated by Bard, click the Copy button.

Export responses to other Google products

Bard offers inbuilt options to export responses to other Google products. You can export the responses to Google Docs, Colab, and Gmail using the following method:

  • For exporting Python Code to Google Colab – To export a code to Google Colab, click the Export response > Export to Colab option under the response. It will create and save the response in a new Colab notebook in Google Drive.
  • For Google Docs – To Export a response to Google Docs, tap the Export response > Export to Docs option under the response. This option will create a new Google Doc and save the response.
  • For Gmail – To Export, a response to Gmail, select the Export response > Draft to Gmail option under the response. This option will create a new draft in your Gmail account to save the response.

Learn about responses from Bard

Bard is an experiment by Google. It is designed to provide accurate and helpful responses for its users. However, the platform may sometimes hallucinate or generate toxic and irrelevant responses. You can report the response by visiting the report Bard responses page.

Again, verify the facts before using Bard’s responses by running a quick online search. Also, Google won’t remember contexts for a long time.


Bard is a simple and easy-to-use AI chatbot. You can effortlessly interact with the chatbot using the steps described in this post. It is free to use and accessible in several countries. You can use Bard to perform different tasks and also copy the responses. Follow the instructions in this post to create your Bard account and see how this AI chatbot differs from ChatGPT!

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