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Do you want to transform your collection of photos into amazing videos? The AI-powered video generator, Kaiber AI is the perfect tool for you.

Every day, AI tools such as Kaiber AI are increasingly simplifying our daily lives. This online AI-powered platform can quickly generate impressive 3D videos using photos and user inputs. Read this comprehensive article to discover more about Kaiber AI and its free alternatives.

What is Kaiber AI?

Kaiber AI is one of the best innovative AI tools that enable users to create their very own videos, images, and audio just by giving some prompts. The tool has been trained on huge databases and uses machine learning and AI to generate amazing digital artworks.

With this tool, you can simply convert your stock of images into the best animation just by using a few simple commands. It suits best for the people working in creative fields such as artists, content creation, etc. 

How to use Kaiber AI?

The interface of the website is user-friendly and very simple to use. Go through the steps provided below and enjoy creating amazing videos:

Step 1: Head over to the official website of Kaiber AI. You can also download the Kaiber AI mobile application.

Step 2: Create an account on the platform by clicking on ‘Start free trial’ and register by providing the necessary details.

Step 3: Now you can start creating your first project. You simply have to choose whether you want to create a video, image, or audio.

Step 4: Edit your settings. You can customize your project before finalizing it like aspect ratio, background, etc.

Step 5: Once everything has been finalized, you can initiate the process of Generation and hence your content will be generated.

Is Kaiber AI free?

No, Kaiber AI is not available for free use. Users can access a 7-day free trial, but after the trial period ends, they must subscribe to one of the plans and pay to continue using the tool.

Kaiber AI Pricing 

Kaiber AI offers three different types of packages to its users. Here’s a brief overview of Kaiber AI pricing plans:

1. Explorer: It costs $5/month and unlocks all the basic features of the AI tool.

2. Pro: This package provides more credits to committed creators and costs $30/month.

3. Artist: Priced at $30 per month, this one is for users with more creative uses who want to access all the features of the tool.

Kaiber AI Paid and Free Alternatives 

If you are looking for free or paid alternatives to Kaiber AI, you can try out some of the following AI tools:

1. Canva 

Canva is one of the best and simplest editing tools out there. You can use Canva to create your own templates, posters, videos, images, etc.

The interface of the platform is user-friendly and simple to use. The platform does have a premium plan but you can use most of the important and basic features for free.

To know about the pricing of the packages click here.

2. Runway

Runway is an easy-to-use AI tool that allows users to convert their text into amazing and creative videos or an image.

It provides users with many customization options to make their videos and edit their images more authentically. This AI-powered platform is not free for use and you will have to purchase the premium package to use this AI tool. 

To know about the pricing of different packages provided by this AI tool click here.

3. StoryZ  

StoryZ, an AI-powered tool, simplifies the creation and sharing of photo motion art.

As a cinemagraph maker and photo video maker with music, StoryZ enables users to incorporate dynamic effects and elements into their photos. This AI tool is exclusively accessible on smartphones. To use StoryZ, you can download the application on your Android or iOS devices.


What is Kaiber used for?

Kaiber AI is used to create amazing videos from the images or prompts given by the user, using advanced AI technology. People use this platform to create content for Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Is Kaiber AI free to use?

No, Kaiber AI is a paid AI platform. It has three different packages to offer, namely, Explorer, Pro, and Artist. All of these packages offer a variety of features for content creators and hence they can buy as per their requirements.


In summary, Kabier AI empowers users to craft impressive content using cutting-edge AI technology. The tool boasts a user-friendly interface, making it a breeze to navigate.

With Kabier AI, tasks like generating videos from your image collection can be accomplished in mere seconds, requiring only a few straightforward prompts. Additionally, if you’re exploring cost-free options, you might want to consider alternatives such as StoryZ, Loopsie, Disflow, and others based on your specific requirements.

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