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An artificial intelligence tool for text-to-image and image-to-image conversion powered by ChatGPT.


About Imgcreator.AI

Imgcreator.AI is an AI tool that creates images, illustrations, anime, or designs for a given prompt. The platform asks for input from the user and generates relevant visual output. It even modifies existing images by changing or removing backgrounds, adding elements, etc.

Imgcreator allows users to select their appropriate content type from the available options. Users can choose to create image, art, or edit images. The platform also offers multiple image creation options such as anime, illustration, free form, art, etc. You can also modify the parameters such as the style, number of images, and resolution for every output.

Users can save all the content in JPEG, PNG, and BMG formats.

Official Website 
Launch Date2022
CategoryImage and Art generation tools

Imgcreator.AI Features

Imgcreator is a fun to use and helpful tool for business owners and individuals. It offers several useful features for generating incredible art pieces. Below are some striking features of

  • Imgcreator generates four images for every prompt. Users can select the best result from the available options.
  • Imgcreator can convert images into anime.
  • It allows users to edit the existing images by removing backgrounds or elements. It can add realistic backgrounds to almost every image.
  • Imgcreator offers various filters and effects for the images.
  • Imgcreator has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface making it ideal for everyone, beginners and professional photographers.
  • Imgcreator can revamp your room with AI in just a few seconds.

Imgcreator.AI Use Case – Real-World Applications is an excellent tool for individuals looking for inspiration while creating images. It can boost creativity of image creators and designers. Below are some real-world applications of

  • Artists can use to produce illustrations, art pieces, or paintings.
  • Graphic designers can use to generate visuals for clients.
  • Business owners use to create marketing materials.
  • Interior designers can use to generate ideas to revamp room interiors.
  • Bloggers can use to generate stock images for their blog posts and publish them online.

Imgcreator.AI Pricing is free to use. Simply sign up for a new account and start using the tool. The platform offers 9 free images. To generate more images you need to purchase one of its premium plans. offers the following three plans:

  • Starter Plan ($7.5 monthly) – Upto 300 credits and 150 daily image generation limit.
  • Pro Plan ($22 monthly) – Unlimited relaxed generations (no credit imit) and 500 daily image generation limit.
  • Boss Plan ($36 monthly) – Unlimited relaxed generations (no credit imit) and 1000 daily image generation limit.


What kind of images can create? can ideally create almost every type of image. It can generate images of real people, objects, anime, animals, etc. It also generates art and illustrations based on the given prompts. Your imagination is the limit with

Are the images copyright-free?

Yes, you own the content you create using The platform allows users to publish their work online or share them with friends without restrictions. Check the content policy for more details regarding the content distribution.

How do I use

Using imgcreator is no rocket science! Simply go to the official website, create an account, and enter a prompt in the space provided. Hit the Create button and will generate the relevant output in a few seconds.

Can I change or cancel my subscription plan?

Yes, imgcreator allows users to cancel or upgrade their plan anytime. However, the canceled plan will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle. The upgraded plan will begin immediately after you upgrade it. You can also uncancel the plan before the current billing cycle ends, in case you change your mind.

What will be the resolution of the images?

The images generated by have different resolutions based on the plan. The free plan generates images with a resolution of 512 x 512 while paid subscribers get images with 1024 x 1024 resolution. The platform also offers higher resolutions upon custom requests.

Conclusion is a one-stop solution for content creators, artists, and designers. The tool is home to remarkable features that create incredible images, art, and illustration within seconds. Simply enter a prompt and hit create. The tool will take care of the rest.

Imgcreator is an excellent alternative for beginners struggling with image creation using Photoshop or similar advanced applications. This tool can create impressive content faster and at an affordable cost.

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