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Your AI-powered school to learn coding and artificial intelligence.

About Inspirit AI

Inspirit AI is an organization that offers intensive online course for students to learn and practice coding. The platform focuses on teaching artificial intelligence to high school students. Students can learn AI from scratch, learn coding, implement skills, and also create projects. The platform was developed by a team of Computer Science experts to help students and professionals learn everything in AI.

Inspirit AI has designed various courses for students and professionals of all levels. It also runs summer camps and workshops, offers mentorship opportunities, and research fellowships for interested individuals. The program is open to students worldwide and has taught several students. The complexity of the program depends based on the course you select. You can start learning as an absolute beginner, intermediate learner, or advanced professional.

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Company NameInspirit AI
Launch Date2018
CategoryOnline learning platform

Inspirit AI Features

Inspirit AI is an online learning program that allows students and professionals to learn AI effortlessly. Some features offered by Inspirit AI are as follows:

  • It is taught by graduates from top universities like Stanford, MIT, and many others.
  • It teaches students in small groups (5:1 student to teacher ratio).
  • It allows students to choose their domain and work o projects of their interest.
  • Students can work on coding assignments individually and select meeting slots based on their availability.
  • Students can learn from experts in various domains including healthcare, transportation, etc.
  • Students can attend workshops from top ranked institutions.
  • Students can attend offline or online classes according to their availability.

Inspirit AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Inspirit AI is ideal for anyone interested in learning artificial intelligence. Some of its real-life use cases include the following:

  • Students willing to learn AI and become experts in this field can join the program.
  • Businesses looking to use AI in their businesses can learn with Inspirit AI.
  • High School students can join the program to prepare for college admissions.

Inspirit AI Pricing

Inspirit AI programs are costly. The online program costs $1,100. To study the course, you have to fill out their application form, and if your application is accepted, you will have to pay the fees online.


Is Inspirit AI for college students?

Inspirit AI is a program for anyone looking to learn and practice artificial intelligence. The course is developed for high schoolers, college students, and other interested individuals. You can apply for the program through their application form and start learning soon after the application gets approved.

Is Inspirit AI an online program?

Inspirit AI offers various study options based on the student’s preferences. You can attend offline classes on weekdays or weekends based on your availability or attend live sessions. It is a 10 week program with 2.5 hours of daily learning.

Does Inspirit AI give scholarships?

Yes, Inspirit AI offers scholarships to a limited number of students. You can apply for a scholarship while applying for admission into the program. If you are eligible you may get a discount to study.

Do I need any experience to join Inspirit AI?

There is no prerequisite to join Inspirit AI. Anyone can join the program even if you don’t have technical knowledge. However, it is not available for students below 9th grade.

Is the course material accessible after the program ends?

Yes, you can access the course material for up to three months after the program ends. The material will then be deleted from the portal and you won’t be able to access it later.

Inspirit AI is an excellent program for anyone looking to study about AI concept. Students studying in 5th to 7th grade can join the middle school program while high-school and college students can study the intensive Inspirit AI course.

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