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InstructGPT is a truthful, more reliable, and less toxic AI tool compared to GPT-3.

About InstructGPT AI


InstructGPT is an AI-powered language model developed by Open AI. It is currently the default GPT-3 language model on Open AI APIs. The model is designed and trained to respond better than existing GPT-3 models. It also produces far better factual responses and avoids toxic or irrelevant conversations.

Most users prefer InstructGPT since it provides more accurate results and hallucinates lesser. The model is trained using 1.3 billion parameters, which is 100 times less than GPT-3 models (trained with 175 billion parameters). Most of its training was based on the Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) method.

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Company NameOpen AI
Launch DateUnknown
CategoryLarge Language Model

InstructGPT AI Features

Instruct GPT offers various features distinguishing it from previous Open AI language models. Some features of InstructGPT include the following:

  • InstructGPT understands and follows English commands more accurately.
  • InstructGPT uses a safer, more helpful, and more aligned approach for responding to human queries.
  • It supports various languages.
  • InstructGPT is trained with 1.3 billion parameters.
  • InstructGPT can detect objects in images and generate sentences using natural language processing to describe the images.

InstructGPT AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Instruct GPT can be used in various domains for various tasks. Some real-world applications of this language model are:

  • Instruct GPT can be used in robotics to automate robotic tasks. It can also teach robots to process complex tasks using natural language instructions.
  • Students can use Instruct GPT to understand processes and topics in simple language. The tool can also give in-depth explanations for all topics, making studying easy for students.
  • Coders can use InstructGPT to develop or debug codes. They can also use it to understand a code or modify an existing one.
  • InstructGPT can be integrated into chatbots or virtual assistants to communicate with customers and give them proper services.
  • Instruct GPT can translate content from one language into another.
  • Content creators can use InstructGPT to write blogs, and scripts, generate video content, and produce images.

InstructGPT AI Pricing

You need to pay for Open AI tokens to access Instruct GPT. The cost of using Instruct GPT is calculated based on every 1000 tokens. Currently, the price of 1000 Instruct GPT tokens is $0.0200. Tokens are pieces of words.

Typically, 1000 tokens are around 750 words. You can purchase tokens using your Open AI account whenever required. No need to buy in bulk or pay upfront.


Instruct GPT is a fine-tuned version of existing GPT-3 language models. It produces fewer errors and gives more factually correct information. Instruct GPT is only available within Open AI API; you can use it by purchasing its tokens.

Instruct GPT produces less toxic content and doesn’t hallucinate. It also produces images based on the given prompts. If you are looking for a better ChatGPT alternative, Instruct GPT is worth exploring!


Does Instruct GPT have an API?

Yes, Instruct GPT offers access to API. You can use the API by visiting Open AI Instruct GPT’s dashboard and purchasing tokens. The API allows developers to integrate Instruct GPT within other chatbots or websites.

What other applications does Instruct GPT integrate with?

Instruct GPT is currently integrated into GPT-3, GPT-4, ChatGPT, and Open AI. Developers can also integrate this language model with external platforms using its API.

How much is Instruct GPT?

Open AI offers a flexible, pay-as-you-use payment plan for Instruct GPT users. This plan allows users to purchase the number of tokens required at a time and later keep adding new tokens. The price for 1000 tokens is $0.0200.

In which industries is Instruct GPT useful?

Instruct GPT can be used in various industries, including marketing, healthcare, hospitality, etc. It can be used to generate content, serve customers, automate tasks, translate content, and write computer programs.

Who owns Instruct GPT?

Open AI is the parent company of Instruct GPT. Open AI developed Instruct GPT as a fine-tuned version of the existing GPT-3 models.

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