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Is OpenAI Free or remain forever?


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OpenAI is a non-profit research company whose main objective is to produce and direct AI in various courses of action that can help humanity as a whole. It contains long-term fundamental refinements in AI and its abilities. 

The company intended to benefit humanity by working with safe artificial general intelligence. By reflecting its motive to collaborate with individuals and other research organizations.

All the capabilities and refinements provided by OpenAI boost the question for the user of whether OpenAI is free or paid. 

Therefore, in this article, we are going to take a look at everything connected to OpenAI including Can you access OpenAI for free? Is OpenAI free? Is Chat GPT Safe? What is OpenAI Playground’s pricing? 

Is OpenAI Free

Is OpenAI Free?

No, OpenAI Playground is mostly free with a time limit but The ChatGPT API and the ChatGPT Plus subscription are two separate products with their own pricing. To view the cost of using the API, please visit For access to, a subscription to ChatGPT Plus is necessary and costs $20 per month. Additionally, if an Open Source SDK is available for ChatGPT, it could help developers integrate the AI model more efficiently into their projects.

Can I Use OpenAI for Free?

Yes, OpenAI provides a free credit of $5 which can be accessed by new users. However, these free credits are only limited to three months and they will eventually expire once you’ve completed three months.

You can simply choose a plan based on your requirement and resources as OpenAI keeps things flexible and simple for its users. 

How to get OpenAI Free Trial Credits?

You can Start experimenting with $5 in OpenAI free credit that can be used during your first 3 months. Also note, you only get free credits for the first account associated with your phone number. Subsequent accounts are not granted free credits.

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OpenAI API Pricing Overview

OpenAI contains four main GPT-3 models which are Davinci, Curie, Ada, and Babbage. The prices of each model vary based on the number of tokens processed.

Tokens are the number of words used for the natural language process. For the English language, one token equals 4 characters or 0.75 words. 1000 words equal around 750 words. 

Here are the pricing of all four models for 1000 tokens or 750 words: 

Davinci – $0.02

Curie – $0.002 

Babbage – $0.0005

Ada – $0.0004

As the requirement for words increases, the cost will also increase. This way users will only have to pay for how much they are using the tool. 

Here is the pricing for 2,500 tokens, which is 1,875 words: 

Davinci – $0.05

Curie – $0.005 

Babbage – $0.0013

Ada – $0.0010

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Openai Free Alternative

OpenAI is an AI research and development agency whose primary goal is to make sure artificial general intelligence is benefiting all of humanity. 

Some of the top free Alternatives for OpenAI are as follows: 

Liner AI 

Liner AI is a machine learning model that utilizes your training data and provides you with an integrated ML model. It is a highly beneficial and easy-to-use tool as it doesn’t require any coding or expertise in machine learning. 


ContentBot AI is an advanced chatbot that can help you build content in minutes. You can use this tool to get inspiration, and ideas to enhance your content marketing along with developing unique and original content with just a few clicks.

This is a suitable AI writer for marketers, founders, large teams, and freelancers. 

Lobe AI 

Lobe AI is another famous machine learning program from Microsoft. Lobe AI contains easy functions that allow users to train custom machine learning for free.

You can simply display the examples you wish to learn and lobe AI will automatically train you in a custom machine learning model which can be shipped in your app.  


It is a machine learning platform that contains easy procedures that can be used in a wide range of duties. Training and creating a vision of deep neural networks is the direct intent of Tensorflow. .

This platform can also be operated for programming languages such as Python, C++, and more. TensorFlow flexibility lends itself to a wide range of various applications from further sectors. 

Is Openai Playground Free to Use?

OpenAI playground provides a limited free trial to its new users. When you create an OpenAI id, you are rewarded with a free credit of $18, which can be used to develop about 650,000 words.

However, these free credits are only limited to four months, this offer will immediately expire after four months. Also, if you hit the limit of 650,000 words, then you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using OpenAI Playground. 

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