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Janitor AI is an AI chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that allows users to create AI characters online and engage in NSFW conversations with them.  

About Janitor AI Chat

Janitor AI is an AI chatbot that utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to ensure a smooth conversation between the user and the chatbot. This platform allows users to engage in private and intimate conversations with AI-generated characters.

You will find a wide range of AI model options on this platform along with a short introduction of the character. Users can even create their own AI characters on this platform and customize their personalities and avatars to have a more personalized experience.

Unlike other AI chatbots, Janitor AI doesn’t restrict users from engaging in any adult-oriented conversations. Thus, users can effortlessly engage in fun and intimate conversations on this platform and unleash their imagination and desires. 

Janitor AI Alternatives (Free & Paid) 

1. Candy AI

Candy AI is an innovative AI chatbot platform and one of the best Janitor AI alternatives at the moment. It specializes in creating realistic and personalized AI companions for deep and meaningful conversations. Users can choose from a variety of pre-designed characters or customize their own characters.

Candy AI utilizes advanced natural language processing and machine learning technologies that help users have realistic dialogues and interactions with AI characters. The platform’s focus on adaptive conversations and character customization makes it a versatile tool for various scenarios, from casual chats to intricate roleplays.

Pricing of Candy AI:

Candy AI provides monthly ($12.99, discounted from $25.99) and annual ($69.99, down from $279.99) subscriptions, featuring unlimited texts, voice messaging, custom AI characters, and a 75% discount for new users.

2. Pephop AI

Pephop AI is an AI chatbot platform for roleplay that allows users to engage in both SFW and NSFW conversations without any limitations. Pephop AI is a great alternative to Janitor AI as it contains a wide range of AI character options on the platform.

Similar to Janitor AI, Pephop AI also provides a short description of the AI character to help users understand the personality and type of the character. This chatbot contains a wide range of character options such as Female, Male, Anime, Royalty, Monster, and more. 

Pricing of Pephop AI: 

Pephop AI can be utilized by users for free, although you need to pay $5 to obtain a personal OpenAI Key through which you can access additional features. 

3. Venus AI 

Venus AI is another great alternative for Janitor AI. This platform allows users to engage in roleplay and have NSFW conversations with a variety of characters without any restrictions.

Venus AI contains a simple and easy-to-access through which users can easily select an AI character and have fun and intimate conversations with them. This tool provides a wide range of tag options to choose from such as Trending, Anime, Hero, Villain, Mature, Historical, and more. 

Pricing of Venus AI: 

Venus contains a free plan through which users can access AI characters and chat with them using limited features. To access additional features such as fast response, early access to AI model updates, and more users need to subscribe to its premium plan available for $19.99/month.

4. Replika AI

Replika AI is one of the most popular AI chatbots that allow users to generate AI characters and chat with them.

This platform utilizes advanced AI technology to create human-like responses to ensure the user has an enhanced user experience. Users can also engage in adult-oriented or NSFW content on this platform and unleash their desires effortlessly. 

Pricing of Replika AI:

Replika AI provides a free plan with limited features, while the paid plan is available at a starting rate of $14.99/month. 

How to use Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is an excellent AI conversation platform through which users can engage in private and adult-oriented conversations. To use Janitor AI, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

1. Users need to first navigate to the official site of Janitor AI using this URL 

2. Next, you need to click on the “Register” option available in the right corner 

3. Enter your Email ID and Password to create an account on Janitor 

4. A “Confirm Your Signup” email will be sent to your email address (In case you are unable to find the confirmation mail, check your Spam)

5. Click on “Confirm Email” and you will be navigated to the login page

6. Enter your email and password again and you have completed your registration process

7. Now, you will witness a wide range of AI characters along with a brief description and tags 

8. Simply, select any AI character and the chat interface will display

9. You can now chat about anything and everything with your selected AI character 

10. Users can also create their own character on Janitor AI by tapping on the “Create a Character” option available in the right-hand corner 

11. Enter your AI character’s Name, Avatar, Short Introduction, and Gender/Type

12. Then, you need to describe the personality of your character and enter an initial message

13. Users can also enter a scenario and example dialogs to teach your AI character how they should speak 

14. Once done, click on “Create Character”

15. Now your character is ready, and you can begin chatting with them effortlessly. 

Pricing of Janitor AI 

Janitor AI is available for free with limited features. The premium feature option requires a payment of $5 credit.

Janitor AI Key Features 

1. Multiple Character Options: Janitor AI contains a wide range of character options such as Male, Female, Anime, Game, Celebrity, Non-human, Submissive, etc. 

2. Character Creation: Users can create their own desired AI character on this platform by providing an image as a bot avatar, or importing a Tavern PNG file. Users can also describe the personality of the character to make it more personalized. 

3. Unrestricted Conversations: Unlike other AI chatbots, Janitor AI allows users to have intimate and adult-oriented conversations on this platform without any restrictions.

Janitor AI Use Cases 

1. Entertainment: Janitor AI is a fun and amusing platform where users can have unique and fun chats with a variety of fictional and anime characters. This is a perfect pass time if you are looking for a fun activity. Users can indulge in roleplay and create exciting scenarios on this platform with numerous AI models. 

2. NSFW conversations: This AI chatbot allows users to unleash their imagination and desires and engage in intimate conversations with AI characters. Users can explore their fantasies without any privacy concerns as Janitor AI provides a safe and secure environment to all its users.

3. Personalized AI character: Janitor AI encourages its users to create their own customized AI characters apart from pre-existing characters. This helps users in creating a personalized AI character based on their preferences and desires.  


Does janitor AI have an app?

Yes, janitor AI have both android and iOS apps. You can download it from play store and apple store.

Are the bot and my chat private?

Yes, chats in Janitor AI are private by default and no one can access your chats unless you make them public. While the Bots can be both private and public, users can simply decide that by toggling between them. 

How to get a verified mark in Janitor AI? 

To get a verified mark, users need to join Discord and create a ticket in the #creator-verification channel. Once done, send your bot link and someone will help you with the verification process. After getting verified, you can get the verify mark next to your name on your profile page.

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