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How to Use Kaiber AI: Free Alternatives and More


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Do you want to transform your collection of photos into amazing videos but have no experience? Then Kaiber AI is the best AI tool for you. Launched in May 2023, it is a powerful AI tool to create 3D art videos within minutes.

There are also other free alternatives to Kaiber AI like Loopsie, StoryZ, Disflow, etc. Read the article further in detail to know more about Kaiber AI and how to use it:

What is Kaiber AI?

Kaiber AI is an innovative tool that allows you to generate your very own videos, images, and audio just by using a simple text input called ‘Prompts’.

It has been trained on huge databases and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce very unique digital artworks.

It can be mostly used by people who work in the creative field such as artists, content creators, etc., or any other person who just wants to make their imagination and dreams come to life.

How to Use Kaiber AI?

The interface of the website is pretty easy to use and here are the steps on how you can use Kaiber AI:

1. Create an account: Go to and create a new account on their website.

2. Surf around the website: Take some time to check all the different features and tools that they are providing and get familiar with the UI of the website.

3. Start creating: You can now move forward to creating your first project. Just choose whether you want to create an image, audio, or video and then decide to use your own text prompt for the AI or just upload any similar file that you want to use as a reference.

4. Edit your settings: Before finalizing your project, you are given some customizations that you can change like the aspect ratio, background color, etc.

5. Generate the content: Once all your settings have been finalized, it’s time to move forward to the final step of the process, i.e., initiating the process of generation.

6. Recheck or download your project: After the process is complete, you can now see the final result. You can recheck your file now and if you are satisfied with the results, just download it to your PC, and if not then try again by tweaking some settings. 

Is Kaiber AI Free?

No, this service is not free to use. You only get a 7-day free trial when creating a new account but after that, you need to purchase either a monthly or yearly package to continue using the tool.

Kaiber AI Pricing

Kaiber AI offers three different packages for users to buy according to their needs and usage: 

1. Explorer: Unlocks all the basic features and costs $5 per month.

2. Pro: Suitable for ones that need to use it more as a hobby and costs $15 per month.

3. Artist: Specially made for persons with more creative uses who want to access all the features and costs $30 per month. 

Kaiber AI Free and Paid alternatives

If you want to try out some other tools similar to Kaiber AI, here are a few free and paid alternatives:

1. Canva

It is one of the easiest editing tools out there in the market. Recently, it also got the option to create AI-generated images by giving simple text prompts.

Even though this software also has a premium plan, most of the basic and important features can be used for free.

2. Runway

Runway is a very easy-to-use AI tool that allows you to convert your text into video or an image into video. It also gives you a lot of customizations to choose from to make your project look the best.

This one is on the premium side as you need to buy a monthly or yearly pack but you still are given some free credits and access to limited functionalities.

3. StoryZ

This app is only available to use on smartphones. You can add special effects to your photos such as adding some animations, changing the backdrop, video FX, etc.

The interface of this app is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can also create your own AI art on this app.

What is Kaiber AI used for?

Kaiber AI helps you to bring your ideas and imagination into reality. It can be used for many different purposes such as:

1. Storytelling: By taking the help of Kaiber AI, a person will be able to create videos and images that will look very appealing to the audience.

With the power of machine learning and AI, you are now able to share your ideas with the world that at one time were only limited to your thoughts.

2. Creating new art styles: As the tool has already been trained on millions and billions of different kinds of images, you are now able to give it some commands and a new art style can be formed in just a matter of seconds.

3. Learning and Education: You can use Kaiber AI to create some educational videos for the kids.

This will help them learn and remember a concept even better as they will enjoy learning as the animated videos created by us made studying so much fun and exciting.

How Good is Kaiber AI?

Well, overall I think this a pretty good AI tool and it mostly depends on the user’s preferences, expectations, and how they use this model. Some of its pros and cons are: 


1. Can create images and videos just from a text prompt.

2. Customer support is really good


1. It is a paid tool and you need to have a Credit card to use the 7-day free trial.

2. Can’t always produce accurate or desired results.

3. Some limitations are set on its functioning. 

How do I Learn Kaiber AI?

Learning about Kaiber AI is not a very difficult task. Their UI is very beginner-friendly so you just need to create an account and navigate around and you will start understanding a lot of things by yourself.

If you still have some queries, you can visit their Help Centre to find your answers and I will also leave some links below from where you can get help: Getting Started with Kaiber: An AI Video Creation Tool

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