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Klarna introduces ChatGPT plugin for AI-assisted shopping


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Klarna is a retail bank that works globally and helps enhance users’ shopping ventures by providing direct payments, installment plans, pay-later options, and more. Klarna is one of the first brands that introduces the ChatGPT plugin for AI-assisted shopping. 

The new tool is expected to make the shopping process more accessible and simpler for users by providing product suggestions. Users can ask Klarna for shopping advice, inspiration, product links and more using its search and compare tool effortlessly. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the Klarna ChatGPT collaboration, How will the Klarna ChatGPT plugin work, its release date, and more. 

Klarna introduces ChatGPT plugin for AI-assisted shopping

What is the Klarna ChatGPT collaboration?

Klarna’s collaboration with ChatGPT will provide a new intuitive shopping experience to its users by curating highly personalized product suggestions at their comfort. The integration of the AI chat service ChatGPT with Klarna will provide users a shopping link, which users can view along with a comparison tool right there. This tool will almost work like a shopping assistant to users and will help users pick the best product for them. 

Klarna CEO and Co-founder, Sebastian Siemiatkowski said, “I’m excited about our plugin with AI chatbot ChatGPT, as it passes my criteria of ‘North star’ which I call my ‘mom test.’ i.e would my mom understand the benefits of this plugin? In a written statement, Sebastian Siemiatkowski also stated, “it’s easy to use and helps solve several problems – it can drive a tremendous value for each and every one. 

Klarna is a great platform to leverage useful technology and information which can help people explore new products. Klarna can help solve consumer issues at all stages of the shopping journey, and the company aims to keep innovating technology and introducing new services to help its consumers. 

Is there a ChatGPT Klarna plugin release date?

The plugin is currently available on OpenAI’s plugin page. For now, there isn’t too much information on the ChatGPT Klarna Plugin release. Although it was reported the plugin will first be made available in the United States and Canad for ChatGPT Plus subscribers and further regions and countries will be added following the stage of safety testing, improvement, and development. 

It was also reported the new feature would eventually be made available for regular ChatGPT users as well and will be connected to the AI chatbot to the internet. 

How will the Klarna ChatGPT plugin work?

Using the Klarna ChatGPT plugin is extremely easy, Users need to install the Klarna plugin through the ChatGPT plugin store. Once you have installed the plugin, you can begin asking questions. 

For example, you have entered a prompt saying “I have $40, what shoes will I be able to afford?” Once you have entered this prompt the plugin will immediately develop a list of items based on your request. Users can further ask additional questions and look for more product suggestions from the Klarna ChatGPT plugin. 

Users who click on a product link will immediately move to the product page available on Klarna’s search. It will compare tools that will provide a detailed price comparison across 500,000 retail partners according to the company. 

ChatGPT limitations with Klarna

ChatGPT is an AI chat service and at times, it has generated biased/incorrect responses to users’ queries. Which is its major limitation with Klarna. Though ChatGPT can provide incorrect responses unsuitable to your generated requests.

Users can provide feedback and issue a statement regarding the issue, which will help ChatGPT learn and improve their service over time. 


Klarna’s collaboration with ChatGPT will benefit users and help make their shopping easier. Through this plugin, users can receive tons of suggestions for their product based on their budget and requirement.

Users can even compare the products using the comparison tool, which can be a useful feature for users. 

Above we mentioned all the details about Klarna’s collaboration with ChatGPT, its release date, limitations, and more, which will help you gain all the details about the upcoming plugin.  

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