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A video creation tool that creates multilingual oral videos using real or virtual AI-generated characters.

About Kreado AI

Kreado AI is a video generation tool that produces multilingual oral videos using AI. It is a simple, easy-to-use, and powerful video creation tool that allows creators to generate videos faster.

It can create videos in multiple languages using a single keyword. It also generates avatars based on the description provided by the user.

Kreado AI takes prompts from the user and processes them to generate the desired video output. The characters and audio are generated using its powerful AI technology.

You can customize the avatars created by the tool according to your preferences by entering the appropriate prompts.

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Kreado AI Features

Kreado AI is an exceptional video generation tool that allows creators to create engaging videos with the power of AI. Some of the best features of Kreado AI include the following:

  • Kreado AI creates videos in over 140 languages.
  • It needs only one keyword to start generating videos.
  • It uses real-life or virtual characters to narrate the videos content.
  • It generates customizable avatars based on the keywords entered by the user.
  • It generates AI-based marketing copies.

Kreado AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Kreado AI is a helpful tool for everyone in the video creation field. Some real-world applications of Kreado AI include the following:

  • Marketers can use Kreado AI to generate marketing videos in English or other languages.
  • Content creators can use Kreado AI to create videos for YouTube or other social media platforms.
  • Business owners or individual professionals can create promotional or marketing videos with Kreado AI.

Kreado AI Pricing

Kreado AI is a free tool. You don’t need to pay anything to use the tool for custom avatar generation, video creation, or ad copy creation. The tool offers all features for free. It doesn’t even charge for downloading the videos. You can start using it immediately after signing up without entering any payment information.


Is Kreado AI a paid tool?

Kreado AI is not a paid tool. It is available for free. Users can use it to create and download AI-based videos, audio, and characters without paying a single penny.

How can I use Kreado AI?

You can use Kreado AI by signing up for a free account. Visit the official Kreado AI website and click on the Create for Free button on your screen. Enter your login credentials and sign up for a new account. You can then use the video creation tool to create your preferred videos in any supported language.

How many languages does Kreado AI support?

Kreado AI supports around 140 languages. You can access its interface in English and Chinese. It can create videos in several other languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, French, Arabic, etc.

How can I contact the Kreado AI customer support team?

Kreado AI offers constant support to its users through email. You can reach its customer support team to troubleshoot issues or ask questions. You can contact the customer support team via their official email address.

Is Kreado AI safe to use?

Kreado AI is completely safe to use. The platform protects the privacy and safety of its users using its efficient security systems. It also ensures that the user’s data is not stolen or read by third-party services. You can use the tool on its official website without worrying about hackers or intruders.


Kreado AI is an exceptional video generation tool for professionals. It can create short or long videos within seconds on every topic. The tool uses AI to create multilingual oral videos and custom avatars. It also generates AI-powered voices to narrate the videos. You can use Kreado AI to create personal, professional, or commercial content for free.

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