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Linkedin Co-founder Reid Hoffman’s AI startup Inflection launches ChatGPT-like Chatbot 



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Linkedin’s co-founder Reid Hoffman and Google’s Deepmind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman have launched a ChatGPT-like AI chatbot named “Pi” which is powered by generative AI technology to perform day-to-day tasks and have conversations with users in a human-like way along with emotional intelligence to provide supportive and kind outputs. 

Linkedin Co-founder Reid Hoffman’s AI startup Inflection launches ChatGPT-like Chatbot 

Key Points:

  • Inflection has launched a ChatGPT-like chatbot named Pi which is powered by generative AI technology. 
  • The chatbot has been developed by in-house technology to prioritize human conversation along with emotional intelligence. 

Inflection’s ChatGPT-like AI chatbot Pi

On Tuesday, the company stated, Inflection AI, a startup founded by the co-founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman, and Google’s Deepmind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman have recently announced the launch of their first AI chatbot named “Pi”. 

Similar to OpenAI’s popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT, the Pi chatbot developed by Inflection uses generative AI technology to interact with users via conversations, through which users can ask questions on a variety of topics and chat with the AI chatbot. 

It was stated by Inflection AI, the Pi chatbot was developed with in-house technology and built the chatbot by prioritizing human conversations including a high level of emotional intelligence, so the chatbot can understand users’ queries better and ensure it behaves appropriately in all situations with accurate and reliable outputs. 

According to Suleyman, the Pi chatbot has been trained to strike a perfect balance between the chatbot being politically correct and also maintaining creativity and humor to provide users human-like conversational experience. 

Co-founder and Chief Executive of Inflection, Mustafa Suleyman stated, “We look at Pi chatbot as a digital companion on hand which can be used by users when they want to look for something new when users need a talk to a sounding board, or when you just to do something find and pass the time with a curious and thoughtful counterpart.”

How can users interact with the Pi chatbot? 

Users can interact with Inflection’s AI chatbot through several platforms such as the website, the official app, and even social media platforms like Instagram. 

Pi is ideal for performing various day-to-day tasks. However, the company has stated the AI chatbot isn’t intended for creating codes or essays. Instead, Pi has been trained to utilize users’ data including the conversational content which is stated in the terms of service. It was said by Inflection their database has been last updated in November 2022 and for now is not connected to the internet. 

The service is currently free, but the startup has indicated a hint they might introduce a premium subscription plan for Pi in the future. 

Artificial Intelligence chatbot powered by generative AI technology has taken the world by storm ever since OpenAI launched ChatGPT back in November 2022. Utilization of large language models which mine a wide range of data and texts to perform various tasks such as summarization of content, developing information, and more. AI chatbots such as Character.AI and Google’s Bard enable users to have in-depth conversations for both personal and professional needs. 

Hoffman was a partner in the VC firm Greylock which had incubated inflection and led an investment in the firm of $250 million. 

Hoffman who is the co-founder of Linkedin and founder of AI startup Inflection was also on board of Microsoft. In March, Huffman resigned from the board of OpenAI, citing potential conflicts with the AI startup he was working with.

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