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Capture lifelike 3D objects using the power of artificial intelligence on your iPhone and smartphone.

About Luma AI

Luma AI is the future of VFX. The tool uses artificial intelligence to create realistic images of objects, landscapes, products, and scenes. It can create stunning TikTok moves within a few seconds. The tool captures videos in motion and gives them a 3D effect instantly. It helps people create 3D content faster without having a professional setup. All you need is an iPhone and the Luma AI app.

Luma AI can work everywhere. The app puts VFX at your fingertips without the need to install a fancy, professional setup.

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Company NameLuma
Launch Date2021
Category3D content generation tools

Luma AI Features

Luma AI offers various features for its users to have an out-of-world world experience while using the app. Some of its best functionalities include the following:

  • It captures products and scenes with intricate details, giving them a realistic look.
  • It creates 3D visuals and allows users to share them on other platforms, like their website or social media handles.
  • It can capture game assets and bring them to life.
  • It generates high-quality photorealistic 3D assets within a few minutes.

Luma AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Luma AI is a tool for everyone. It can be used in various industries to create 3D visuals. Some of its real-life applications are as follows:

  • Real estate agents can use it to capture real estate properties in 3D to show their clients.
  • E-commerce business owners can use Luma AI to capture products in 3D mode.
  • Website owners can use Luma AI to capture products and objects in 3D to upload to their websites.
  • Content creators can use Luma AI to produce 3D videos with VFX.
  • Game developers can create game assets with Luma AI.

Luma AI Pricing

Luma AI is a free tool. You can use it without paying a single penny. However, the video to 3D API feature is a paid one. Its cost is calculated based on the captures. The cost begins at $1 per capture.


Is Luma AI available for Android devices?

Unfortunately, Luma AI is not available for Android users. It is only accessible by iPhone 11 or above users. You can get it on the Apple App Store using this link for your iOS device.

Is Luma AI multilingual?

No, Luma AI is not a multilingual application. It only supports the English language. You will have to use the app and give commands in English only.

Can Luma AI create animations?

Luma AI produces 3D visuals. It captures products, objects, landscapes, and other content and processes it using AI to generate their 3D version. You cannot create animations using this tool. It is used to create 3D photos and videos only.

Is Luma AI lifetime free?

Yes, Luma AI is available for free on iOS devices. You can download the app on your device and use it without paying anything. All features are accessible for free. However, you need to pay for the video to API feature, which costs $1 per click.

Does Luma AI work on all iPhone devices?

Luma AI is available on the Apple App Store for iPhone devices. However, it is only accessible to users with an iPhone 11 or higher. Those with the older versions cannot install or use the app on their mobile devices.

Luma AI is an excellent app for individuals and businesses seeking 3D content at their fingertips. It can create stunning images and videos for personal or commercial use in just a few minutes.

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