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The AI assistant that automatically takes interview notes to save recruiter’s time.

About Metaview AI

Metaview AI uses artificial intelligence to automatically take notes during interviews. It allows recruiters to focus on interviewing the candidates and maintaining the interview quality rather than taking notes. The tool notes the interview and candidate’s details and summarizes them for recruiters. Recruiters can also review an interview to recall a candidate’s information.

Metaview AI can be used in various business tools, including video conferencing tools (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.), scheduling tools (Calendly, Goodtime), and ATS systems. The tool also takes feedback from users to improve its note taking approach. This helps it generate better notes according to the recruiter’s preferences.

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Company NameMetaview
Launch Date2018
CategoryProductivity tools

Metaview AI Features

Metaview AI is designed to speed up and streamline the interview process. Below are some essential features that Metaview AI offers.

  • It uses AI to summarize the candidate’s information and interview conversation.
  • It can be integrated into various recruiting and conferencing software.
  • It can record video or phone interviews and generate notes by converting text-to-speech.
  • It adapts the recruiter’s note taking style to take notes according to their preferences.
  • It keeps the candidate’s and company’s information safe and secure according to the GDPR and CCPA guidelines.
  • It generates AI-powered scorecards with autocomplete functionality.
  • It offers customizable templates that can be modified according to your note taking style.
  • It has included ChatGPT-like features to answer the recruiter’s questions while reviewing the notes.

Metaview AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Metaview AI can help businesses and recruiters simplify their recruiting process and land potential candidates faster. Some of its possible use cases are as follows:

  • Recruiters and interviewers can use it to automatically take notes during an interview.
  • Interviewers can use the tool to review an interview or get a candidate’s information.
  • Interviewers can use it to conduct remote interviews more efficiently.
  • Companies can use the platform to streamline their interview process.

Metaview AI Pricing

Metaview AI is a paid tool offering different plans based on the company’s requirements. Its pricing plans are as follows:

  • Free – 5 interviews and AI-generated notes.
  • Core – $20 per user monthly – 12 monthly interviews, and everything included in free plan.
  • Pro – $50 per user monthly, – Unlimited monthly interviews, and everything included in Core plan.
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing solutions for large enterprises seeking more features.


Can I edit Metaview AI notes?

Metaview AI allows users to review and edit the notes at any time. You can view them immediately after the interview ends and modify them according to your requirements. The platform will also summarize the notes for quick review.

Can I use Metaview AI for phone interviews?

Yes, Metaview AI can record your phone interviews and take notes automatically. It converts your audio to text to generate written notes and save them for later. You can access these notes after the interview ends.

Does Metaview AI work with video conferencing tools?

Metaview AI works with every video conferencing tool. You can use it while taking virtual interviews on Google Meet, Zoom, or other platforms. It can schedule the interview, record it, and take notes on the recruiter’s behalf.

Can I use Metaview AI notes on other platforms?

Yes, you can use Metaview AI notes in other tools by copy-pasting them. You can copy the notes and add them to your ATS, scorecard templates, etc. You can also share them by copy-pasting them into a Google or Word document.

Does Metaview AI keep my data confidential?

Metaview AI imposes GDPR, CCPA, and SOC 2 Type II guidelines. It keeps all your information safe and confidential. You can use it without worrying about data leaks or hackers. The platform doesn’t share your data with anyone without your consent.

Metaview AI is an innovative AI-powered platform to automate the note taking process during an interview. It saves interviewers time, allowing them to focus on their interaction with the candidate.

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