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Microsoft Bing AI sign-up, login link – How to access Bing Ai chatbot?


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Microsoft has launched a new AI-powered version of the Bing AI search tool. This new upgraded AI search engine has been looking forward to enhancing and improving the search engine experience for its users.

Bing AI’s features like a creative spark, summarized responses, conversational search, and more have created quite a buzz in the market. Even though Bing is not yet accessible to the public, you can request access by joining the waitlist.  

In this article, we will explain all about Microsoft Bing AI sign-up and how to access bing ai chatbot login link to receive early access. 

Microsoft Bing AI sign-up - How to access AI search tool?

Microsoft Bing AI explained

Bing is an AI search tool that works as a research assistant, creative partner, and person planner, whenever you search the web. Microsoft’s Bing AI is partnered with OpenAI, the same language model ChatGPT was based on. Bing uses the web to provide summarized answers to your questions. Also, it cites its sources, so you can see the reference. 

Since Bing AI does have access to the internet, you can ask questions regarding the latest events and it will provide you with detailed answers. Not just informative, but you can also turn to Bing looking for a creative spark, as it can help you write stories, and poems and share inspirational ideas.

In addition, you can chat and ask follow-up questions like “provide me more options” or “give clarification” and more to get personalized replies. 

Microsoft’s Bing AI tries to keep the replies factual and fun. But, since it’s an early preview, it can provide inaccurate or unexpected content results based on web content summarized.

Therefore, ensure you use your best judgment while using this search tool. Currently, Bing AI is not accessible to the public. However, you can ask for early access by joining the waiting list on Microsoft Bing’s site. 

Log in to your Microsoft account and click on “Join the waitlist.” Once you have cleared the waiting list, a link will be sent to your mail, revealing when you can start using Bing.

While using Bing you can also provide feedback to Microsoft to improve the search tool. For this tap on the feedback icon on the right of the Bing page. 

Can You Sign Up For Microsoft Bing Ai Search Tool Powered by ChatGPT

You can’t access the new Bing AI search tool powered by ChatGPT, but you can join the waitlist for the AI search tool. To join the waitlist, you need to follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • Visit the official site of the new Bing via your preferred browser – bing ai chatbot link
  • Tap on the large blue button, saying “Join the waitlist” 
  • You will be asked to log in to your Microsoft account. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, simply click on “Create one” 
  • Enter your email id or phone number to register and verify
  • Once completed, sign in, and a message will pop up on your screen saying, “Great! You’re on the waitlist” 
  • You can fasten the process, by tapping on the blue button saying “Access the new bing faster” 
  • It will display two options. 1) Set Microsoft default on your PC. 2) Scan the QR or download the Microsoft Bing App 
  • Ensure you are signed in to your Microsoft account while completing both steps
  • You need to set Bing as your default search engine on your device. If you are using chrome, then click on Microsoft defaults to download the bing search extension. 
  • If you are using a smartphone, then you can simply install the Bing App on your phone. After downloading the app, you need to sign in to your Microsoft account to make it count. This will help speed up the waiting process for you.

Once you have cleared the waiting list, you will receive a link on your email id displaying when you can start accessing Bing AI. 

Is Microsoft Bing Ai public?

Microsoft’s Bing AI is not yet accessible to the public, but you can request access by “joining the waitlist” on the official site of Bing. Once you have cleared the waiting list, a bing ai chatbot login link will be sent to your registered email. 

It will include information regarding when you can access Microsoft’s new bing at Then you can start asking all your questions by typing in your usual search box.

In addition, the new bing also provides a chat experience, available at top of search results. 

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Bing AI has created quite a buzz for itself, especially considering it utilizes the same OpenAI language model used by ChatGPT. Above we have mentioned the steps through which you can sign-up for Bard AI. Along with how to join the waitlist of Bard AI and how to speed up the waiting list.

We hope this article was helpful to you. If there are any questions or doubts related to how to sign-up for Bard AI then, let us know in the comments. 

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