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Microsoft’s AI chatbot is now available on the Bing app on iPhone and Android


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Microsoft introduced a preview release of its new AI-powered Bing and Edge app on iPhone and Android. It also included new features “Voice Input” and accessibility to its AI chatbot with ChatGPT-like powers.

This latest update was made possible due to the partnership of Microsoft and OpenAI, makers of the AI chatbot, ChatGPT. 

Now, users can install Bing or edge apps on their smartphones from their respective app store or play store. Users need to log in and enlist for the bing AI trial to begin their access.

Microsoft's AI chatbot is now available on the Bing app on iPhone and Android

Quick Facts 

  • Bing AI is now available on iOS and Android 
  • Microsoft disclosed the preview release of Bing and Edge on smartphones, with added features like Voice search and access to an AI chatbot. 
  • AI-powered Bing now available for Skype 

The Bing AI app is available on iPhone and Android 

Recently, Microsoft reported a preview release of their AI-powered Bing and Edge apps for iPhone and Android, in addition to PC and Mac. 

Allowing users to access Bing and Edge via their smartphones by simply downloading the app from their respective app stores. 

Microsoft stated in their blog post, “since 64% of the searches take place through mobile phones, we are releasing a new Bing AI and Edge mobile apps that can serve as a copilot for the web, even when the users are away from their desktop”. 

Introducing Bing in the app is a great step by Microsoft, as the majority of users prefer to use their smartphones to perform search engine activities.  This was a result of Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI, which developed the AI chatbot, ChatGPT. 

Now, users will be able to access bing and raise queries, generate content, and chat in a conversational mode through their smartphones.

You can download the official app of Bing and edge through this link, or by simply searching for Bing App on your Play Store/App Store and signing up for the preview. 

New Features in Microsoft’s Bing App

Microsoft’s latest Bing app has also included two new features: “Voice Search” and access to its AI chatbot. 

A voice input feature will provide versatility in how you can produce prompts and receive answers. You can even ask bing to perform various activities for you such as creating an itinerary, scheduling meetings, planning your day, booking tickets, and more.  

Users can access chat sessions on the Bing app, by tapping on the Bing icon. Through this, you can engage in the exact way you used Bing on the desktop. You can ask queries by texting the inputs or simply using the new Voice search. 

The users can also select their preferred answer mode like standard text form, bullet points, or simplified responses.

In addition, users who contain access to the preview can also utilize the new bing experience from the Microsoft Edge app’s home page itself. 

Microsoft Bing with Skype 

Microsoft has introduced a new chat experience by AI-powered Bing on Skype, to assist users in collaborating with their families and friends and enhancing their social communications.

Microsoft stated, more than 36 million people use skype across the world, to connect through chats and calls, through the new bing users will be able to get helpful fun scenarios and capabilities.  

With bing available on skype, users can copilot with their loved ones and stay connected and play their next vacation or activity together. All you need to do is add Bing to your group, just as you would add skype contact.

Now that you have added skype, you can raise queries or ask for information and the answers will be displayed to the entire group. 

Users can ask for suggestions such as a search for good travel destinations, upcoming events, and more. Everyone in the group will get access to all the results provided by bing at once.

In addition, you can also select how you want answers to be displayed, whether you want bullet points or simple para responses. You can also ask bing to simply fetch data from the web, like the latest events, recent shows, and more to add to your conversation. 

Microsoft also said, as they learn and fine-tuned these new features and capabilities, they aim to bring these benefits to more communication apps such as Teams, in the future. 

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