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Microsoft’s AI will now help you design your Instagram posts in seconds



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Microsoft has introduced a series of new features for its AI-powered graphic design tool to help users generate new designs effortlessly. Some of these new features include AI-generated captions and hashtags suitable for your posts, Auto-sizing the canvas with 20 different layouts, and more.

Microsoft Designer will also be integrated into the Edge web browser built in the sidebar that allows users to work and post designs without switching to different windows. 

Microsoft's AI will now help you design your Instagram posts in seconds

Key Points: 

  • Microsoft Designer will be integrated into the Edge web browser. 
  • The AI-powered graphic design tool has introduced a variety of new features such as Auto-sizing, AI-generated hashtags, captions, and more. 
  • Microsoft will soon introduce Replacing and Expanding images features. 

Microsoft introduces new features to its AI-powered graphic design tool Microsoft Designer 

Microsoft Designer, an AI-powered graphic design tool, is rolling out a variety of new features to streamline how users can design their posts on social media. Microsoft Designer is a part of the Microsoft 365 family and was unveiled first last year in October.

The AI-powered graphic design tool includes various features such as OpenAI DALLE 2 AI’s text-to-image. Users can now generate images in Microsoft Designer, users need to prompt text prompts, which incorporate the results into projects such as social media posts, cards, invitations, and more. 

But with the recent update, Designer will not only allow users to generate ready-to-post content on social media platforms but will also help users in suggesting hashtags and captions that are suitable for posts.

Users can now even resize their canvas of the design created, and elements such as text and images will automatically shift in the canvas depending on the size to provide a perfect fit. This way users don’t have to worry about fixing any formatting issues.

Users can resize the posts up to 20 different social media layouts across various platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, and more. 

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Microsoft Designer Integrated to Edge Web Browser

Microsoft Designer will be integrated into the Edge web browser to allow users to access the graphic design tool directly along with additional AI-powered creative tools.

Designer is built into the sidebar of the Edge browser to allow users to work on new projects and publish their designs on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest without switching from one window to another. 

The designer has also introduced animation features to jazz up the designs by allowing users to apply transitions on the texts automatically and placing animated backgrounds to enhance the appearance of the design created.

Microsoft has vaguely stated the animation features do utilize Artificial Intelligence however, it doesn’t state whether the platform is creating these animated assets from scratch itself, indicating the users might have to supply their own.

Additional AI-powered design tools coming soon

Apart from this, there are also chances of some future updates that will expand the Designer’s capabilities by introducing AI-powered features such as replacing and expanding images.

Users can utilize the “Fill Tool” to choose an area of design and help place an object in a particular location quickly, by brushing over a person or object. While the Erase tool can help users get rid of them and help generate another image to replace them. 

Expand background is another upcoming feature that will allow users to fill in the gaps or left-out areas within the foreground of your generated design and Replace Background will switch it with a completely new backdrop. 

As of now, Microsoft hasn’t provided any demo to showcase how these features will exactly work. Therefore it’s unclear what part AI plays in these features. Although, the tech giant has avoided stating the features will create images from scratch.

Currently, Microsoft Designer is in the preview stage, and the release date is yet to be revealed.

But the AI-powered graphic design tool has removed the waitlist process, enabling anyone to access the tool and check out how it works against its competitors such as Adobe Express and Canva.

These new features are likely to help Microsoft Designer compete with its rival graphic design services such as Canva. 


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