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How to Use Newegg ChatGPT PC Builder Tool


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Newegg has integrated with OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT to enhance users’ shopping experiences along with ensuring users get what they are looking for. Newegg’s new ChatGPT PC builder tool allows users to build a PC.

To use Newegg’s new PC Builder powered by ChatGPT, you need to visit the official website of Newegg and choose “PC Builder”.

After you have selected PC Builder, you can enter what kind of PC you want to build in the text box and PC Builder will produce various PCs for you. 

Below we have mentioned a complete detailed guide on how to use Newegg’s new ChatGPT PC builder tool and we have also mentioned other features where Newegg uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT to improve user experience. 

Newegg ChatGPT Integration: All You Need to Know

NewEgg announced last month its integration into AI chatbot ChatGPT to help provide a more enhanced shopping experience to its users.

NewEgg is an online retailer based in California that allows users to shop for products in various categories such as software, televisions, laptop, PC games, and more.

With integration with ChatGPT NewEgg was introducing new features and capabilities. Here are some of the new features built by NewEgg through the integration with ChatGPT: 

  • PC builder shopping tool: this tool helps users select a variety of components that can help users build a desktop PC for themselves. 
  • Customer Service Chat: This feature allows the AI chatbot to respond to users’ queries and help solve their issues. 
  • Search Engine Optimization: By building SEO content, ChatGPT can create targeted content and reach users. 
  • Optimizing text content: NewEgg will use ChatGPT to generate content throughout its website including product descriptions, creative titles, writing summaries, and more. 

The Vice President of Application Development at Newegg stated we have always been involved in evaluating our e-commerce technology to make sure we are providing the best customer experience to our users.

It was proven through testing that ChatGPT was able to add efficiency and quality and based on that it has a practical use for Newegg. We have deployed ChatGPT to improve our content both off-site and on-site to help enhance users’ shopping experience and find what they want. 

How to Use Newegg’s New ChatGPT PC Builder Tool

  • The PC builder page will be enabled and you will see a “Text box” available along with the “Build with AI” option beside the text box. You need to enter those terms which are related to the kind of PC you want to build.
  • Since Newegg is integrated with ChatGPT, it is capable of understanding the prompts and your references. Here we are going to enter to build a PC between $1000 – $1500 with DDR5 RAM and ray tracing support.
  • After you have entered the requirements for your PC, you have to click on “Build with AI”. 

Newegg’s ChatGPT-powered AI PC builder will then begin producing several PC builds for you. With DDR5 RAM as asked in the requirements.

  • Make sure the “Compatibility Checker” is turned on, which is available at the left sidebar of your screen. You need to note the ChatGPT PC building tool is currently in the beta stages, therefore there is a potential for the tool to make a few mistakes or produce results with incompatible parts now. 
  • Once a PC builder has produced a certain PC for you, you witness in the detailed parts description that a few PCs built by Newegg have selected a DDR4-based motherboard. There are major differences between DDR4 and DDR5, especially the fact that they are only supported to the particular boards of that RAM.
  • Therefore, users need to turn on the compatibility checker, this will help provide a warning on whether the components are incompatible. After you have confirmed the build is compatible, you need to select the “Add to Build List” option.
  • Then, you need to tap on “Add All To Cart” to move forward to the checkout. 
  • In the cart, you will be provided a complete summary of your order, including its prices, delivery cost, and more. If you have any promo code, then you can use it by pasting the code on the “Apply Promo Code” option. 
  • Once you have added everything to your cart, it’s time for you to place an order by clicking on “Secure Checkout”. In this part, you will be notified if the selected parts are out-of-stock or not.
  • If the selected parts are unavailable, you will be asked to remove them from the cart. In case any part is unavailable you need to replace the PC part with the available ones. You use the compatibility checker to identify the compatibility.
  • Once you have replaced the parts, you need to click on “Secure Checkout” to complete the process of placing the order. 

Is Newegg’s ChatGPT-Powered PC Builder Tool Good?

ChatGPT-Powered PC builder is a decent tool. The ChatGPT-powered PC builder was able to build two out of three parts compatible. Although it was unable to match the basic curation that could have been done by anyone with basic PC building information. 

Its negatives not only include it selecting incompatible parts, but also the fact it didn’t deliver any kind of special terms for selecting “Value-oriented” parts.

But, it was able to change the aspects like PC cases to more affordable ones when you select the lowest price range.

However, it was able to select the latest parts. So, we would say ChatGPT-Powered PC Builder is quite decent and can be beneficial for users in listing the parts which could possibly work for building a PC.

However, we would suggest that it’s better to not completely depend on this tool and perform a basic curation on the parts yourself to be more conscious. 

Other Features Where NewEgg Uses ChatGPT

NewEgg is not limiting ChatGPT’s features to PC builders, but instead, we will be seeing much more of ChatGPT’s capability to improve several aspects of NewEgg’s website.

ChatGPT will be used for optimizing the text content on the official website of NewEgg, which implies that ChatGPT’s content generator capability will be utilized for generating product descriptions, writing summaries, and creative titles.

In addition, we might also see ChatGPT being implemented into customer support to help answer queries generated by users and help resolve their concerns. 

NewEgg will also use ChatGPT for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes, so the AI chatbot can “create targeted content” to help enhance the user’s shopping experience.

They also said ChatGPT might also be utilized for Customer Email subject lines, which implies that it will read through customers’ concerns and help generate a subject line for it based on the data automatically. 


Newegg’s ChatGPT PC Builder Tool can help users easily compare components, find compatible parts, save their builds, and further share them with their friends.

We have mentioned an in-detailed guide on how to use Newegg’s new ChatGPT PC Builder tool along with other features of ChatGPT used by Newegg to help enhance users’ shopping experience with AI tools. 

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