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NightCafe is an AI art generator and community to convert text into image art.

About Nightcafe

Nightcafe Studio is an AI Image Generator that creates attractive artwork from text and image input prompts in seconds. For this, it uses five different algorithms – clip-guided Diffusion, Dall E-2, stable Diffusion, neural style & VQGAN+CLIP that generate coherent & realistic images, paintings & portraits using your own words.

To create stunning artwork on NightCafe, you don’t require coding or professional artistic skills.

To generate your own art quickly, you can enter specific keywords describing your art and select a style.

Nightcafe provides a collaborative AI community where you can join other creatives to share your artwork & earn credits. You can participate in everyday AI art challenges with thousands of users to check your artistic skills.

You can access Nighcafe features on its web-based studio or install its app on tablets, androids, and iPhones.

Nightcafe Studio Features

Nightcafe studio AI offers printing services to print your favorite art on different mediums, like a t-shirt. Here are some striking features of Nightcafe.

  • offers its own mobile app.
  • allows you to create endless Stable diffusion artworks for free.
  • has strong AI image generation & printing capabilities.
  • offers five different text-to-image algorithms.
  • lets you create your own personal chatroom with friends to collaborate or jam.
  • Nightcafe’s stable diffusion algorithm generates remarkably coherent images using simple text prompts.
  • utilizes Clip-guided Diffusion algorithms to produce realistic images.
  • offers an AI Art therapy tool to clear the mind & remove stress.
  • offers an AI face generator to generate realistic portraits after providing text descriptions.
  • has social media platform features to connect you with other users.
  • offers a “Photo to Painting” tool to convert images into paintings.
  • Nightcafe’s interface is easy-to-use for all users.
  • offers different styles & color palettes to suit your choices.
  • lets its users earn more credit in multiple ways.
  • offers an AI NFT generator to sell your digital artworks as NFT.
  • Nightcafe’s NFT generator can generate hundreds of artworks using “Bulk create” mode within a few minutes.

Nightcafe Use Case – Real-World Applications

Here are some real-time applications of Nightcafe.

  • Crypto artists can use Nightcafe’s NFT creator to sell their AI-generated art into third-party marketplaces.
  • Small-level businesses can generate copyrighted graphics for their campaigns.
  • Artists can use Nightcafe to create their art portfolio of paintings & face portraits.
  • Nightcafe’s AI Art therapy can assist users with some mental health conditions.
  • You can produce realistic face images to use on social media profiles & online marketing.

Nightcafe Pricing

Nightcafe offers four premium plans to earn extra credit for generating more images. 

1. AI Beginner ( $5.99USD/month )

  • 100 credits/month.
  • Generates 1240 images/month.
  • No ads

2. AI Hobbyist ( $9.99USD/month )

  • 200 credits/month
  • Generates 1640 images/month
  • No ads.

3. AI Enthusiast ( $19.99USD/month )

  • 500 credits/month
  • Generates 2840 images/month
  • No ads.

4. AI Artist ( $49.99USD/month )

  • 1400 credits/month
  • Generates 6440 images/month
  • No ads.


Is the NightCafe generator free?

You can install and use the Nightcafe AI Creator app for free. You don’t require credit for “base Stable creations.” After Signing up, you receive three free credits for art generation. You can earn more credits in the following ways-

  • Completing your profile information.
  • By sharing your art on social media platforms.
  • By publishing your creations.
  • By receiving ten likes on a published artwork.

Can you make money with NightCafe Studio?

Yes, you can make money with Nightcafe Studio by selling your NFT & printed artworks on third-party marketplaces. You can add external profile links in your Nightcafe profile for other users. If you have used your self-created input images to generate art, you automatically get the copyrights to sell it.

Which AI does NightCafe use?

Nightcafe utilizes five AI algorithms- Stable Diffusion, Dall-E 2, VQGAN+Clip, Clip guided Diffusion, Neural style.

Is NightCafe Ai legal?

Yes, Nightcafe is a legal platform. You own the copyrights of your creations if you use your own images as input prompts. It’s not the responsibility of Nightcafe if you suffer from legal consequences for using others images for your commercial use. Check your country’s copyright law before publishing your creations in commercial places.

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