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An online, cloud-based web application that assists in writing thrilling stories and tales.

About NovelAI

Novel AI is a subscription-based service that helps users write stories from scratch, rewrite existing ones, or summarize the text. It can also generate storylines, dialogues, plots, and scripts for any topic.

Novel AI uses artificial intelligence algorithms to produce human-like writings. It can produce stories based on genres like comedy, fear, thrill, romance, adventure, styles, and tones. The tool can help convert text to image, text to speech, storytelling, and creating characters. Novel AI can also imitate the styles and writings of other authors.

Novel AI is very easy to use. Give it a prompt, hit enter, and wait until it generates the output. However, you need to create an account to use the platform.

Official Website 
Company NameAnlatan
Launch Date2021
CategoryText generation tools

Novel AI Features

Novel AI offers various features for writers to produce stories quickly. Some of its key features include the following:

  • The platform produces stories and allows users to edit them. It also completes existing stories.
  • Novel AI produces encrypted stories so no one can steal them or claim copyright.
  • Novel AI can match stories to specific styles and tones.
  • Novel AI is a multilingual platform that can produce stories in different languages.
  • It allows users to customize stories and editors.
  • The image generation feature can generate images based on the prompt you enter.
  • Novel AI allows users to visualize their characters using the character creation feature.

Novel AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Novel AI can be used in every sector that needs storytelling or writing. Some applications of Novel AI include the following:

  • Authors can use Novel AI to produce high-quality literature.
  • Writers can use the platform to visualize characters and imitate other writers’ styles.
  • Novelists can use Novel AI to create story outlines, plots and write stories.

Novel AI Pricing

Novel AI offers a free trial of 100 free text generations. Users can upgrade to a paid plan to unlock the full benefits of the platform. Below are the three pricing tiers Novel AI offers:

  • Tablet – $10 per month – Unlimited text generations with 1024 tokens of memory and 1000 Anlas.
  • Scroll – $15 per month – Unlimited text generations with 2048 tokens of memory and 1000 Anlas.
  • Opus – $25 per month – Unlimited text generations with 2048 tokens of memory and 10,000 Anlas.


Is Novel AI a paid tool?

Yes, Novel AI is a paid tool. However, it offers a free trial plan with 100 free text generations. Users can use this trial plan to test the platform and later upgrade to one of its three subscription plans.

Is Novel AI available for mobile users?

Novel AI doesn’t offer an Android or iOS mobile app for mobile users. It is a web application accessible online. You need to visit Novel AI’s official website using any browser on your mobile phone or desktop to use it.

Does Novel AI offer API?

Yes, Novel AI offers API. Developers can use the Novel AI API to integrate the platform into other websites and chatbots.

Is my writing in Novel AI secure?

Yes, all your work in Novel AI is secure. The platform encrypts the stories with xSalsa20, so no one else can access or use them without authorization. You can use Novel AI to write novels and story outlines or generate characters and images without worrying about data theft.

What are some Novel AI alternatives?

Novel AI is an excellent story writer for novelists or online writers. However, the internet has several similar story-generation tools offering similar features. Some Novel AI alternatives include Jasper AI, Rytr, SudoWrite, AI Dungeon, Shortly AI, Story Lab, etc. These tools can be used to produce stories or write-ups related to various topics.


Novel AI is ideal for published authors or writers seeking a buddy for story generation. The platform offers several features besides story generation, including character generation, image creation, text-to-speech conversion, etc.

Try Novel AI to create creative and unique stories for your next draft. It can also help in getting rid of writer’s block. You can create a Novel AI account for free and later upgrade to a pro plan.

However, Novel AI is an AI tool that is prone to errors. Don’t rely on the tool completely. You can pull ideas from the tool and re-edit the content to give it a personalized touch.

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