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Manage all your social media accounts in a single click with the power of AI.

About Ocoya AI

Ocoya AI is a powerful social media platform where you can create, schedule, and share social media content using AI. The platform lets you generate content for different social media platforms manually or using AI. It also helps with scheduling posts and creating campaigns to enhance your social media presence.

Ocoya AI offers an inbuilt performance tracking tool that gives insights about your social media handles. It saves you from performing repetitive tasks like creating posts, sharing them, etc., so that you can focus on leveling up your content marketing strategies.

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Company NameOcoya
Launch Date2020
CategoryContent Marketing tools

Ocoya AI Features

Ocoya AI offers tons of features for content marketers to market their brand or business effectively. Some of its best features include the following:

  • It can create images and graphics for your social media handles using Canva or the inbuilt graphic editor.
  • It generates short, royalty-free YouTube videos with music.
  • It generates engaging hashtags and captions for your social media posts.
  • It allows users to schedule posts in advance.
  • It allows integration into multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • It can create ad campaigns on social media platforms and also give insights about your audience.

Ocoya AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Ocoya AI is an essential tool for individuals or business owners looking for a complete content marketing solution to enhance their business. Some of its real-life applications include the following:

  • Content marketers can use Ocoya AI to handle their social media platforms.
  • Marketing agencies can use Ocoya AI to handle social media handles of their clients.
  • Content creators can use Ocoya AI to create content for their social media platforms.
  • Ecommerce business owners use Ocoya AI to create product images and copies of their products.

Ocoya AI Pricing

Ocoya AI is a paid tool. It offers different pricing solutions based on the company’s requirements. The pricing plans are as follows:

  • Bronze – For individuals – $15 per month billed annually – 5 social media profiles, 1 workspace, 100 AI credits.
  • Silver – For growing teams – $39 per month billed annually – 20 social media profiles, 5 workspaces; 500 AI credits.
  • Gold – For scaling businesses – $79 per month billed annually – 50 social media profiles, 20 workspaces; 1500 AI credits.
  • Diamond – For large organizations – $159 per month billed annually – 150 social media profiles, unlimited workspaces; unlimited AI credits.


Which languages does Ocoya AI support?

Ocoya AI supports 26 languages, including English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Romanian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Finnish, Russian, etc. You can select your preferred language from the Advanced Settings option.

Can I publish videos created by Ocoya AI online?

Yes, you can use the videos created by Ocoya AI on your social media platforms. They are created using royalty-free content, so you don’t need to worry about copyright infringement while using Ocoya AI.

Is Ocoya AI free?

No, Ocoya AI is a paid tool. Its plan starts at $15 for individuals and $39 per month for small agencies. Each plan offers a free trial for users to test the platform before signing up for a subscription.

Does Ocoya AI offer custom pricing solutions?

Yes, Ocoya AI offers custom pricing for large enterprises with more requirements. You can talk to the sales team for more information about the custom plans. They will offer the best pricing solutions to meet your business requirements.

Does Ocoya AI have an affiliate program?

Ocoya AI has an attractive affiliate program for interested marketers. It offers 30% recurring commissions for each referral. It also gives 20% incentives to referrals upon checkout. You can visit the Ocoya AI affiliate page for more details regarding the program.

Ocoya AI offers one-stop content marketing solutions for individuals and businesses. Users can instantly create, schedule, and post content and media and track their performances using this innovative AI tool

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