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A powerful artificial intelligence system that translates natural language into code.

About Open AI Codex

Codex is an AI-powered system developed by Open AI to help developers write code faster. The system powers Github Copilot and is proficient in several programming languages. Codex is a descendant of GPT-3 and is trained using billions of lines of code. It can write efficient programs in Python, Ruby, R, JavaScript, Go, Shell, and many other programming languages. However, it is highly efficient in the Python programming language.

Open AI launched Codex in 2021, but it is accessible as a beta product. The company is also inviting businesses to use the Codex API to develop software for their companies. It is available as a free, open-source product for developers.

Official Website 
Company NameOpen AI
Launch Date2021
CategoryCode generation tools

Open AI Codex Features

Open AI Codex offers various features that allow coders to write efficient code faster. Some essential features of this tool include the following:

  • It can rewrite or autocomplete your code.
  • It turns comments into programs or adds comments to a program.
  • It can convert programs written in plain English into programs in any language.
  • It writes secure and reliable codes by providing suggestions and warnings while programming.
  • It makes coding less repetitive, saving the time and effort of developers.
  • It can write code for web applications, mobile applications, or machine learning models.

Open AI Codex Use Case – Real-World Applications

The Open AI Codex can be used for various real-life purposes, including the following:

  • Developers can use Codex to develop web, mobile, or other applications.
  • Businesses can integrate Codex into their software to improve its efficiency.
  • Students can use Codex to learn and practice their programming skills.

Open AI Codex Pricing

Open AI Codex is free software. You can use the platform for free to generate code in any programming language. However, the Open AI Codex API costs are calculated as per token consumption. Its price is calculated for every 1000 tokens used. Initially, users get tokens worth $5 upon registration.


Is the Open AI Codex available to the public?

Yes, anyone can use the Open AI Codex. You have to visit its website and create an account to start using the tool. It is available for free; there is no need to enter payment details.

Is the Open AI Codex API launched?

The Open AI Codex API was launched in 2021. You can access the API by signing up for a free account and generating the API keys. The pricing of the API is calculated based on every 1000 tokens used.

Which languages does the Open AI Codex API support?

Open AI Codex is efficient in Python, but it can write programs in dozens of languages. You can use it to code in Ruby, Swift, Go, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, TypeScript, and several other languages.

How do I create an Open AI Codex account?

You can access Codex by creating an Open AI account. To create your account, go to the official Codex website and hit the Sign Up button. Next, enter the information asked for in the form and complete the registration process. You can then access Codex using your Open AI account credentials.

Is the Open AI Codex reliable?

Open AI Codex is trained with a diverse dataset of various programming languages. You can use it to generate, rewrite, or autocomplete your programs. According to researchers, the platform provided working solutions 70.2% of the time out of 100. So, you can use the platform for programming, but review the code before final implementation.

The Open AI Codex is an incredible platform for businesses and developers. It can write efficient and effective programs for all types of applications faster, saving the time and effort of developers.

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