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Is Open Ai on Discord? How to Use It?


Aiyub Dawood

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Everyone is talking about OpenAI! Here’s how Discord is enabling conversations about the force behind ChatGPT Thanks to the skyrocketing popularity of ChatGPT, OpenAI has taken the digital world by storm as it also empowers businesses and individuals with AI tools such as Dall-E, Whisper and Codex.

As everyone from netizens to policymakers talk about AI, its usage and regulations around it, the conversation has reached popular social media platform Discord.

While Discord is integrating ChatGPT into the platform to boost its own bot called clyde, OpenAI has already established a presence among enthusiasts and developers who share their work and ideas.

It’s not just about conversations regarding OpenAI and updates about tools being developed, but members of the community on Discord can also access tutorials to make the most of AI.

With the sudden surge in OpenAI’s popularity thanks to ChatGPT, the OpenAI Discord server surpassed its full capacity of half a million users earlier this year.

How to Join OpenAI Discord

Apart from attracting a rapidly growing community of AI aficionados to Discord, OpenAI is also facilitating conversations as the chatbot Clyde powered by ChatGPT can be summoned into any group of friends or professionals.

Other than providing tips for an opening line, ChatGPT will also support Discord’s online content moderation tool called AutoMod.

But as ChatGPT is still being tested, users can track updates from OpenAI through its discord server that they can join through simple steps. So here’s how anyone from an AI developer, innovator, enthusiast or business owner can become a part of the conversation around OpenAI on discord.

  • Needless to say you’ll need a Discord ID and once you are logged in, look for the discover option on your dashboard.
  • Look up OpenAI among other public servers, click on the join server option from the top right corner and you’re good to go.
  • If you wish to be a part of the most relevant server which has more than a million users interested in OpenAI, go for the verified one with a green checkmark.
  • Another way to find the right OpenAI community on Discord is to go through the ChatGPT web page, which has an option to access OpenAI Discord on the bottom left corner of the dashboard.

But this doesn’t mean that you must confine your horizons to the verified OpenAI server on discord, there’s a larger community of AI enthusiasts who are talking about a lot more beyond ChatGPT.

For instance before the chatbot, OpenAI was known for realistic images and art generated from instructions in natural language via Dall-E. It also provides speech recognition with Whisper and automation for programming tasks through Codex.

Top Openai Discord Servers List

The access to specific AI tools has also led to the creation of Discord communities which are dedicated for the discussion of AI art or other use cases. Here are few of the top Discord servers which users can access to discuss and track separate aspects of OpenAI.

Alien-Tech Club

Beyond ChatGPT, AI art is a rage on the internet right now with AI images depicting how historical figures or places may have looked like going viral along with other innovative artworks. People are able to create AI generated images of themselves or others, which is reality combined with a bit of their vivid imagination.

All this is done without Photoshop or image editing tools, simply with a few prompts fed to Dall-E from OpenAI, and that’s what the Alien-Tech Club server is all about. It connects a community of AI art enthusiasts who want to discuss Dall-E 2 and Stable Diffusion among others.

Affinity AI

Now OpenAI has unlocked access to machine learning and AI tools for every individual on the internet beyond just business owners and developers. This has only encouraged AI enthusiasts to explore more affordable ways to make the most of automation and Affinity AI is a Discord server which brings them together.

Through discussions on AI and investments, developers and entrepreneurs are working out ways to integrate OpenAI into everyday life without a significant cost.


This one is all about a ChatGPT-based discord chatbot, which answers questions on the platform and even writes codes as well as essays for users. Apart from exploring the latest integration of ChatGPT into Discord, it also connects a small but dedicated community of OpenAI fans.

How to connect Discord + OpenAI

Now that we know where people are sharing ideas and discussing new ways to use OpenAI, it’s time to move on towards ways to integrate OpenAI into how Discord works.

Discord users can create customised workflows using OpenAI as per their needs and preferences. This can be done by selecting triggers which result in specified actions.

  • The first step for this involves adding an app event, schedule, or webhook call, which kickstarts the workflow. Users can also choose to trigger the workflow manually.
  • Next comes the integration of Discord and OpenAI nodes into the workflow.
  • Connecting Discord and OpenAI creates a channel for the flow of data between input and output nodes.

Core nodes can be used to manipulate data, for running customised codes, and to transform files. Once the nodes are set up and customisations are figured out, the user simply needs to click on execute workflow and AI will do the rest.

So this is just a glimpse of the ways in which Discord is creating a space for developers and users to explore OpenAI, while using its AI capabilities to enhance operations. With ChatGPT’s integration into Discord as a step forward, there’s a lot more in store.

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