OpenAI Responds to Italy Ban – No Intention to Put Breaks On

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Last week, Italy’s data protection watchdog placed a temporary ban on OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT due to concerns related to legal basis justifying the collection and storage of ChatGPT users’ personal data. However, OpenAI has responded to the ban placed on ChatGPT in Italy, by aiming to provide measures to the Italian authorities on Thursday. 

The agency stated they had no intention to place any breaks on the development of AI, they are just concerned about the protection of European and Italian users’ personal data which initiated the ban on ChatGPT. 

OpenAI Responds to Italy Ban

Key Points: 

  • OpenAI is planning to provide measures to Italian authorities that caused a ban on ChatGPT in Italy. 
  • The Italian agency claims the ban was initiated on ChatGPT due to the absence of a legal basis justifying the collection and storage of users’ personal data. 
  • Through a video conference, OpenAI pledged to be more transparent in handling the data of ChatGPT users and verifying the age of users. 

OpenAI’s Response to ChatGPT Ban in Italy

OpenAI has responded to the ban placed on the AI chatbot ChatGPT in Italy. The creator of ChatGPT plans to provide measures to the Italian authorities on Thursday to resolve the questions and concerns which lead to Italy placing a ban on ChatGPT last week due to violation of data privacy and security, stated by Italian data protection authorities. 

Garante, which is the Italian agency, had accused OpenAI’s ChatGPT last week, regarding not placing an age verification on ChatGPT users, considering the fact ChatGPT is for people 13 and above. The ban also includes concerns regarding “the absence of legal basis to justify the collection and storage of user’s personal data and information” to “train” the chatbot. This resulted in Italian authorities placing a temporary ban on ChatGPT in Italy. 

The agency responded to the ban stating they have no intention of placing any breaks on the improvement or development of Artificial intelligence. Instead, they are concerned over the importance of respecting rules and aiming to protect the personal data of European and Italian citizens by placing a ban and investigating the matter. 

On Wednesday, a video conference was conducted where ChatGPT’s creator OpenAI was glimpsed pledging to be extra transparent and aware regarding how they manage ChatGPT user’s data, including verification of ChatGPT user’s ages to avoid minors from accessing the ChatGPT, the authorities stated. The attendees included the CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman. 

It was stated by OpenAI they would provide the Italian authorities with a document based on the measures to respond to their requests and concerns. The data authority said they would evaluate all the proposals made by ChatGPT’s creator OpenAI. Italy was the first Western country to place a ban on the AI chatbot ChatGPT due to violation of privacy and security.

This has led to piqued the internet regarding the other European regulators currently studying whether harsher measures are required to rein in these AI chatbots and if they need to coordinate such actions. 

In February, there were reports that Garante banned Replika, an AI chatbot for utilizing the personal data of Italian users and causing potential risks to underage users and emotionally fragile people. 

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