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OpenAI to offer up to $20000 to users for reporting bugs, flaws



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ChatGPT, creator of OpenAI, is offering a reward of up to $20000 to the users who can help report bugs and flaws in their AI system as part of the Bug Bounty Program. The starting reward offered by OpenAI is $200 for reporting bugs in the AI systems. The program was introduced by ChatGPT after the reports of a breach of privacy in the AI chatbot which exposed users’ personal information including billing details.  

OpenAI to offer up to $20000 to users for reporting bugs, flaws

Key Points: 

  • OpenAI is offering rewards starting at $200 to users for reporting bugs and flaws in their AI systems. 
  • OpenAI has invited researchers to review various functionalities and programs of the AI chatbot ChatGPT. 

OpenAI’s Bug Bounty Program 

OpenAI’s Bug Bounty Program went live on 11th April, which conveyed the offering of rewards beginning at $200 depending on the severity of the bugs reported by the users. 

Programs like Bug Bounty are often used by Tech companies to enhance their system’s functionality. This encourages ethical hackers and programmers to report bugs, flaws, and further issues in software systems and receive rewards in return. 

According to information on Bugcrowd, a bug bounty platform, OpenAI has invited researchers to review a few functionalities and programs of ChatGPT along with the frameworks of how OpenAI systems communicate with the users and share data with a third-party application. 

The bug bounty program does not include any malicious or incorrect content developed by OpenAI systems. 

OpenAI claimed security as their top priority in the mission. We value the contribution and efforts of ethical hackers and programmers who are helping us to uphold high privacy and security measures of our technology for the users.”  

Bugcrowd vulnerability will be utilized for the initial priority rating. Although the bug crowd priority and reward might be modified depending on likelihood and impact on the sole discretion of OpenAI. If there are any downgrade issues, researchers will receive a detailed explanation. 

OpenAI introduced this program days after ChatGPT was temporarily banned in Italy and initiated an investigation on the AI chatbot over the suspected breach in privacy and security which released personal information for a few users including their first name, last name, and information. 

The latest breach even encouraged data privacy watchdogs from other European countries such as Germany, France, and more into being more secure and looking into generative AI services closely. 

With the introduction of the Bug Bounty platform, it seems OpenAI is all set to get rid of any flaws and bugs following the breach in privacy which cause major troubles and questions for the AI chatbot regarding user data privacy and security especially in European countries after facing a temporary ban in Italy.

Last month, OpenAI introduced a new advanced multimodal language model GPT-4 which introduced vision input, a new feature for users through which users can prompt using images. As of now, GPT-4 is only available for ChatGPT Plus users. To access GPT-4 API users need to join the waitlist by providing their details and signing up on OpenAI’s official website. 

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