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Pictory AI is a video creation and editing tool primarily to create short videos from long form videos.

About Pictory ai

Pictory AI is an AI tool that utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology for analyzing the tone & emotion of entered text and video content to create highly engaging & appealing short and long-form videos. For using Pictory AI, it’s not mandatory to have graphing designing or technical expertise. Anyone can make videos for professional or personal requirements in just a few minutes.

Pictory ai has simplified the video creation process for content creators by offering a valuable video marketing toolkit.

Official Website –

Launch Date – July 2020

Co-Founder – Vikram Chalana

Pictory ai Features

Using Pictory ai features, you can create high-quality videos from Pdf or blog posts with a few clicks. Here are some noticeable features of Pictory AI.

1. Quick Video Editing 

This feature is perfect for editing short and long videos such as Zoom recordings, training videos, e-learning videos, reels, video podcasts, and webinars by adding texts and captions and removing silences & filter words. You can create your own brand videos by adding logos, fonts, custom introductions texts, fonts, and more.

2. Conversion of Short Highlight videos from long videos.

This feature helps create short videos to engage viewers & increase conversion rates on multiple social media platforms. 

3. Automatic Sum-up of Long videos

Pictory AI summarizes your long videos highlighting key points with captions to grab the audience’s attention quickly.

4. Scripts conversion to videos

Pictory AI Reelfast technology makes converting your scripts into highly engaging videos possible. It gives three options: add your voice, use random audio, or choose from its realistic 15,000+ music tracks.

5. Blogs Conversion to videos

Pictory AI creates breathtaking & jaw-dropping videos from your textual posts or scripts.

6. Add Captions to your videos.

Pictory AI saves significant time in writing captions by adding automatic texts to your videos that even increase your Google & Youtube SEO rankings for broader audience reach.

7. Video transcribing into text

Using this feature, You can extract written transcripts from your videos in a few minutes. It  means you can convert videos into ebooks, blog posts, or more written content. 

Pictory ai Use Case – Real-World Applications

Here are some real-world applications of Pictory AI-

  • New & experienced YouTube Channel owners can create quick faceless videos with automatic captions and copyright-free media.
  • Marketers can create branded videos for their marketing campaigns using multiple editing options.
  • Social media managers use Pictory AI to create stock videos for over a month.  
  • Pictory AI is a one-stop solution for content creators to get necessary content for video creation, including voiceover audios, 3 million+ video clips, 15,000+ music tracks & auto-generated captions.
  • Marketing Agencies can develop videos for multiple clients at lightning speed with enhanced productivity.
  • Bloggers can transform their blog posts into eye-capturing videos to get the audience’s attention.
  • Pictory AI is useful for Course creators to create super-engaging educational videos.
  • Pictory AI eliminates the need to purchase expensive shooting equipment for coaches to create professional-looking videos from blogs & scripts. 

Pictory ai Pricing

Before purchasing Pictory AI premium plans, you can log in for a free trial to make three video projects of 10 minutes. Here are Three paid plans of Pictory AI-

1. Standard Plan ( $19 per user/month )

  • Ideal for new creators.
  • 30 videos/month
  • Offers 3 customizable branded templates with 5000 music tracks.
  • Text to video content of 10 minutes.

2. Premium Plan ( $39 per user/month )

  • Ideal for experienced creators & mid-sized businesses.
  • 60 videos/month
  • Ten customizable branded templates with 15,000 music tracks.
  • Hootsuite integration

3. Enterprise Plan ( Customizable )

  • Suitable for large businesses.
  • Provides flexibility to set custom limits on video lengths.
  • 15,000 music tracks


What is the resolution of Pictory AI?

Pictory lets its users select their video resolution and modify the aspect ratio. It offers two HD quality options – 720p and 1080p. However, with 1080 video resolution, Your video generation time increases. You can optimize your video to adjust its size.

How long can a Pictory video be?

All Pictory AI plans place limits on video lengths. Depending on your chosen plan, you can create text-video files of at least 10 minutes to the maximum as much as you want. The enterprise plan lets you make custom-length videos as per your need.

What language is Pictory voiceover?

Pictory AI supports only the English language for both voiceover and library visuals. While doing video editing, you can select from the available English language for different countries.

Does Pictory work on mobile?

Pictory offers editing options to optimize videos on mobile to capture the attention of social media users. It’s designed explicitly for creating mobile-optimized videos so creators can increase engagement rates. You can access the Pictory platform via your mobile phone as it’s a cloud-based tool.

How to cancel Pictory Subscription?

Follow the below steps to cancel Pictory Subscription.

  • Select “Your name “from the top-right side.
  • Click on “My Account.”
  • Select the “Billing” tab and Click “Cancel.”
  • Specify your reason for canceling the subscription.
  • Further, Select “Cancel.


Pictory AI has become the most-loved video creation AI tool for creators, bloggers, Youtubers, course creators, coaches, marketing agencies, and markets due to its user-friendly interface. It’s affordable and saves time in shooting videos. To check the quality of its services, you can start with its free plan and upgrade later. All its functions are easy to use, even for newbie video creators who need experience with video editing tools.

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