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What Is PizzaGPT And How Does It Work



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In response to ChatGPT’s ban in Italy, a software developer has deployed a ChatGPT clone, PizzaGPT, in Italy. PizzaGPT offers ChatGPT-like features, but it is a more secure platform. It responds to users’ queries in a conversational tone, uses the Open AI – turbo 3.5 model, and is free to access.

PizzaGPT is accessible throughout Italy without any restrictions. Read this guide to learn more about PizzaGPT, including its features, working process, etc.

What Is PizzaGPT? The ChatGPT clone in Italy 


On Friday, 31 March 2023, the Italian government banned ChatGPT for its residents. This ban generated the requirement for a similar platform for Italians to keep up with the pace of residents of other countries. So, an Italian developer developed PizzaGPT using ChatGPT APIs.

The platform is no different from ChatGPT except that it doesn’t store user data. Since privacy was a primary concern while using ChatGPT, PizzaGPT promises not to collect its users’ information. Its responses are also similar to ChatGPT.

How Does PizzaGPT Work

PizzaGPT uses Nuxt 3, Tailwind, and Daisy UI and is powered by Open AI’s Turbo 3.5 model. The platform’s user interface is similar to ChatGPT. When you visit its official website, you will see a chat bar at the bottom ( You can enter any question in the chat bar and hit Enter to view the results.

Like ChatGPT, PizzaGPT answers questions accurately most of the time. Still, you may encounter errors or irrelevant responses sometimes.

Besides, the platform has a responsive user interface making it accessible on all devices, tablets, PCs, and mobile phones. So, you only need an active internet connection to access the platform. The best part is that you don’t need to create an account to use PizzaGPT.

Will ChatGPT be available again in Italy?

The Italian data protection agency announced a temporary ban on ChatGPT. It gave 20 days for Open AI to mention how it will address this privacy concern, failing which it would be fined.

Open AI’s CEO Sam Altman tweeted that he will resolve this issue soon and get the app back for its Italian users. Until now, there isn’t any official news regarding ChatGPT being permanently banned in Italy. Hopefully, Open AI will address this matter and re-launch ChatGPT in Italy soon, but you can still use chatgpt in Italy with a VPN.

How Does PizzaGPT Compare to ChatGPT?

The main difference between ChatGPT and PizzaGPT is that PizzaGPT is more transparent regarding user privacy. It doesn’t collect user information and offers a more secure platform. Other factors distinguishing PizzaGPT from ChatGPT include the following:

  • PizzaGPT doesn’t offer GPT-4 since it would demand more tokens, and the app cost would also increase.
  • PizzaGPT doesn’t remember previous questions. It can only process the current question.
  • You don’t need to create an account to use PizzaGPT.
  • The response time for PizzaGPT is faster than that of ChatGPT.
  • PizzaGPT gives more accurate responses and can generate text in multiple languages.


Why was PizzaGPT created?

On March 31, the Italian government banned ChatGPT. As a result, an Italian software developer developed PizzaGPT, a ChatGPT clone for Italian residents. This invention allowed Italians to keep up with the world regarding AI tools and their usage.

Who created PizzaGPT?

Unlike ChatGPT, PizzaGPT is created by an independent developer. Any organization does not own the platform. It is owned and managed by an Italian developer who refuses to disclose his identity.

Do you have malicious intentions?

PizzaGPT’s developer denies having any false intentions behind the development and deployment of PizzaGPT. He says that he has developed it for Italians to use AI’s power to complete their text generation and related tasks. The developer has kept all the details transparent. Yet, if you are not convinced, you can avoid using PizzaGPT.

Why doesn’t PizzaGPT remember the previous questions?

Currently, PizzaGPT doesn’t store previous questions. The main reason behind this is that storing data requires more tokens and increases the overall cost of the platform. So, it only processes the queries and deletes the information once you leave the site.

Does PizzaGPT work on the new GPT-4 model?

GPT-4 is Open AI’s new Large Language Model. This model is currently available to ChatGPT Plus users. PizzaGPT doesn’t use GPT-4 since it would increase the cost of the website.

What does 429 error mean on PizzaGPT?

The error 429 means that the platform has received too many requests. You can wait for some time before accessing the platform. The error will get solved.

How many people are using PizzaGPT?

Currently, PizzaGPT has 179,000 visitors. The total number of page views is 540,000.

Can I have PizzaGPT as a smartphone app?

You cannot download PizzaGPT as a standalone app. It is not available for Android or mobile users. You can add it to your homescreen to access it quickly as a native app.

Why would anyone use PizzaGPT instead of ChatGPT through a VPN?

PizzaGPT is an excellent alternative to ChatGPT. People may choose this platform rather than using ChatGPT over VPN since it is free and offers access to ChatGPT despite its ban in Italy. Besides, VPN services are costly and need configuration. People who want access to ChatGPT services can choose PizzaGPT over VPN.

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