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Playbook is an innovative file and document manager that can store, tag, and organize all your creative files and folders perfectly. 


Playbook is a software that allows users to organize, share, and collaborate on creative projects and files with their team and clients.

This tool contains an AI-powered file manager specially built for creatives that can help organize and store all your documents and files perfectly.

This way designers don’t need to worry about any mess and efficiently find all the required files within a few seconds. 

Playbook also allows users to professionally share their work online with their clients and make a fantastic first impression.

Users can create a stunning gallery for their teams or clients through which they can share work, view assets, and new uploads, gain feedback, comments, and more.

Overall, Playbook is an excellent tool that can keep all your creative projects organized from the start to the end. 

Playbook Features

Here are the top features provided by Playbook: 

Easy file and document sharing

Users can share their large files and documents instantly with their clients, collaborations, or fellow employees with just one click.

You can transfer your files with other users between any playbooks, send your documents and folders via email, and invite collaborators. Publish as a web page and more. 

Real-time collaboration 

Playbook can help make your creative process more efficient and structured with its collaboration features. It allows users to easily connect and chat with collaborators, guests, and clients without the signing-in process.

In addition, it also contains a built-in feedback option that allows employees and clients to share their feedback and comments using emojis and help make the approval process organized. 

Views and reporting

Playbook contains excellent reporting capabilities that allow users to access and view everything that has been happening in your organization.

This way users can access the asset and board activity, witness how well the assets are doing, and keep track of shared assets. 

Smarter and higher storage capacity 

Playbook provides its users with a higher and more efficient storage capacity. It includes a generous starter space that can manage and organize large files and documents easily.

Along with this, it also contains an Auto-deduplication feature that can eliminate any redundant information from your database. It also allows users to archive their old documents and projects. 

Creative project management

It helps manage and organize all your creative projects from the start to the end. Users can tag and arrange files in Playbook, to make it easier to find and access all your essential documents quickly.

It provides an automatic image-to-text tagging option through which users can tag and arrange their files easily. It also contains a deep-level folder browsing option, project statuses, and Kanban view. 

Mobile and Desktop App

Playbook is currently available on the web and can be accessed by anyone through its official website.

While Playbook is currently in the works to soon launch a Mobile and Desktop app to make it easier to access the playbook and arrange all your documents efficiently. Use Cases – Real-World Applications 

Here are some of the use cases of Playbook: 

Creative Project Management 

One of the major benefits of Playbook is its ability to manage all your projects using a single tool. This way users don’t need to shuffle between various websites or platforms such as Email, Slack, Cloud Storage, etc.

With Playbook you can access everything you need through one tool itself. This helps provide real-time updates on new file uploads, feedback, etc. Users can even communicate with their teammates and clients through this tool. 

AI Art & Prompt Storage

Another excellent use case of Playbook is its ability to Play, Create, and Store all your AI art. Playbook has made it easier for users to generate AI art using prompts or text descriptions directly from the playbook itself.

With this tool, users don’t need to worry about losing their work or AI prompt since Playbook secures all your AI prompts alongside your images and art. That way you can track down all your steps anytime you want. 

Creative License 

This tool can help businesses to protect against any misuse of licensed work or any possible legal consequences. By providing complete control over the outsourced and in-house licensed files. 

Playbook’s license maker offers a cost-free solution for all of its creators. Creators tend to lose their license that comes under the PDF or text format.

However, Playbook licenses are made forever and are attached to your work which you share with your collaborators or clients. Since this license is forever, there is no chance of you ever losing your work.

This way users can protect their work since Playbook already provides creative licenses that are free for everyone to use. 

Professional Handoff

Freelancers can publish their gallery for their clients and collaborators through which they can share their work. This helps users to gather all the feedback and opinions.

This way users can work closely with their clients and impress them with a well-organized board containing all their work and files.

You can also invite your clients to Playbook to make them feel involved in the design decisions and build a stronger relationship. 

How to Use Playbook 

Playbook helps users create, store, access, and share documents and folders efficiently in a professional way.

To use Playbook you need to first create a board which is basically the workspace. Here you can organize and upload all your files and folders. Here is how you can achieve it: 

1. Open Playbook 

2. Login or Sign up to Playbook using your email 

3. Click on the plus “+” sign available on the left panel 

4. Name your board anything you like 

5. Select the gear option and select “Add board description”

6. You can further add a sub-board section by clicking on the gear icon and selecting “Add sub-board” 

7. Once you have your board ready, you can begin uploading your files by clicking on the (+) Add button and tapping on “Upload”

After your files are uploaded on your board you can easily share and organize them on Playbook.

You can now upload your files, and gain feedback from clients and collaborators easily through Playbook. 

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