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Postus AI – Price, Free Alternatives, How to Use



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Postus AI is an AI-powered post-generating tool that can create eye-catching posts for numerous social media platforms. 

About Postus AI 

Postus AI is a social media post-generating and scheduling tool that can compose amazing social media posts and create stunning AI images for various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (X).

Postus AI is an automated tool for social media marketing for small businesses, start-ups, content managers, and anyone who wants to create a strong presence about their business on social media. 

This platform can generate personalized posts both text and AI-driven Art for your audience to enhance your brand presence online and increase your engagement rate with more likes, comments, and shares.

Users can also schedule their posts using Postus AI to the most relevant time which can help to increase the likelihood of your post receiving maximum reach. 

Postus AI Key Features 

1. Social Media Post Generation:

Postus AI can take control of your social media platform and generate stunning texts and posts for your business or start-ups to gain maximum engagement online. Users need to simply enter a few texts or keywords explaining their demand and within seconds Postus will generate your AI posts. 

2. User-Friendly Interface:

Postus AI contains a simple and user-friendly interface that can be accessed by anyone including beginners. Postus AI is suitable for professionals, as well as those individuals who are new to content generation or don’t have any prior knowledge of Artificial intelligence. 

3. Post scheduling:

This platform allows users to plan and schedule their posts beforehand and set a specific time for uploading posts. This way individuals, businesses, and organizations can maintain a consistent online presence and publish their posts at the perfect time to gain maximum engagement. 

Postus AI Use Cases 

1. Content Generation 

This platform is ideal for brands and small businesses struggling to make their way into the social media world.

This platform assists businesses in generating excellent text and image posts using simple keywords or short descriptions that can help brands connect with their audience and boost their social media presence.

Using this platform, you can create stunning content for various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and much more. 

2. Brand Growth 

Another excellent use case of Postus AI is its ability to assist and enhance your brand’s online presence.

This platform looks into your demands and keywords based on which it creates stunning AI posts that can perfectly reflect your brand’s value, help increase your brand’s engagement rate online, and boost your visibility. 

3. Social Media Automation

Postus AI is an excellent platform that can help automate the process of uploading content online by scheduling the posts beforehand, managing the social media accounts, and engaging with the audience online.

This platform generates amazing posts and texts based on the specific keywords given by users. 

How to Use Postus AI?

Using Postus AI to create eye-catching posts and texts is an excellent way to enhance the online presence of your brand and engagement.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Postus AI: 

1. You need to first navigate to 

2. Click on the “Login” option available at the right-upper corner and tap on “Create a new account” 

3. Register by entering your name and email address

4. Now, create a strong password and confirm and click on “I agree to terms of service” 

5. Click on “Register” and a verification code will be sent to your email 

6. Verify your account by entering the code and your Postus account is ready

7. Now, you start creating projects and engaging posts on your social media platform 

8. Click on “Let’s get started” and enter the name of your brand, person, product, or something else

9. You can also connect your website (Optional) and select your desired language 

10. Set a mood: Formal, Friendly, Neutral, or Funny

11. Describe Your Project in three or more short sentences or keywords and click on “Finish” 

12. Within seconds posts based on your description will be generated, you can connect your social media platform with Postus AI and schedule the time of your post

Pricing of Postus AI

There are three pricing plans available for Postus AI: 

Beginner Advanced Expert 
€19/month (Per Project) €29/month (Per Project) €39/month (Per Project) 

Alternatives of Postus AI (Free & Paid) 

1. Rapidely

Rapidely is a content-generating and managing tool that is ideal for Entrepreneurs, Influencers, and Social Media Managers. This platform can assist users in generating engaging and eye-catching captions for your social media account which can help boost your online presence.

Rapidly also acts as your personal content strategist and generates a month of tailored content focusing on your goals. This tool offers various features that can assist users in planning, organizing, and posting content across multiple accounts. 

Pricing of Rapidely: 

Creator Social Pro EnterpriseAgency 
$24/month $59/month From $74/month From $107/month 

2. Ocoya

Ocoya is an AI-powered content-generating and scheduling platform that can help brands elevate their digital presence.

This tool helps users generate professional graphics within a few seconds using our database with numerous templates, stock photos & videos, licensed music, animations objects, backgrounds, and text styles.

With this tool, businesses can also schedule their content beforehand for various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (X).

Pricing of Ocoya: 

Bronze Silver Gold Diamond
$15/month $39/month$79/month$159/month 

3. Postanza AI

Postanza AI is another excellent alternative to Postus AI that allows users to generate stunning social media posts for various platforms. This platform helps inspire users with millions of ideas tailored to your industry and assists you in creating the type of content that is suitable for your brand.

Postanza AI contains a simple and easy-to-access interface through which users can easily generate amazing AI copies, headlines, and descriptions that can grab the attention of the audience. 

Pricing of Postanza AI: 

Postanza AI also offers a free plan that contains 25 free credits and 10 Media Downloads. While the paid plans are mentioned below: 

Growth Plan Pro Plan 
$6/month $15/month 


Is there a free version of Postus AI? 

Postus AI provides a trial option, through which users can create “1 Project” for free. After generating a free post, users need to purchase a paid plan starting at €19/month Per Project, to continue using Postus AI. 

Is Postus AI Safe?

Yes, Postus AI is a safe platform that doesn’t store any identifiable details about the users online or in cloud storage unless those organizations comply with GDPR. All the data on this platform is protected with password access, and it doesn’t request or keep the financial information of the individual including bank account details.

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