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A powerful AI-based paraphrasing, rewriting, and plagiarism-checking tool trusted by over 50 million users worldwide.

About Quillbot AI

Quillbot AI is a popular paraphrasing tool used by writers and non-writers to paraphrase or rewrite content. It is also ideal for rectifying grammatical errors, checking duplicacy, translating content, and summarising text. The platform is easy-to-use and offers lightning-fast results.

Quillbot AI is powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to make writing painless and smooth. It provides results using Natural Language Processing (NLP). You can use it for synonyms, improving vocabulary and fluency, crafting sentences, or changing the style and tone of your content. The platform can also be your co-writer in drafting content by helping with the research, writing, and editing tasks.

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Company NameQuillbot
Launch Date2017
CategoryParaphrasing and rewriting tools

Quillbot AI Features

Quillbot AI offers numerous features for users seeking to improvise their content. Some incredible features of this platform include the following:

  • Users can select the range and level of the vocabulary to include in the text by sliding the level bar on the top of the text bar.
  • The platform has an in-built thesaurus that suggests multiple synonyms for any word. Select the one that sounds the best.
  • Quillbot is available as a Google Chrome extension to assist in web searching and writing content within the search engine.
  • You can integrate Quillbot into various applications like Google Docs, MS Word, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • The platform offers several different AI-based styling modes, including simple, fluency, shorten, formal, standard, creative, and expand.
  • You can use Quillbot in English and German.
  • The Quillbot AI plagiarism checker feature can catch the mildest plagiarism within a few seconds.

Quillbot AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Quillbot AI is not limited to writers only. This AI platform can help individuals and professionals working in various industries. Some popular uses of Quillbot AI are as follows:

  • Students can use Quillbot AI to write their assignments, check for plagiarism, or rephrase their writings.
  • Teachers and professionals can use Quillbot AI as a plagiarism checker.
  • Bloggers and content creators can use Quillbot AI to produce creative and engaging posts and content.
  • Authors can use Quillbot to summarize their books.
  • Individuals can use the platform for personal uses, like translating content.

Quillbot AI Pricing

Quillbot AI has a free and paid version. The free plan is accessible to everyone, even without creating a Quillbot account. Simply visit the website and use it to paraphrase or rewrite content. However, the free plan only supports upto 125 words at a time and has limited functionalities.

For advanced features and restriction-free access to the platform, purchase one of the following plans:

  • Monthly – $9.95 billed monthly.
  • Semi-annual – $6.66 per month billed every six months.
  • Annual – $4.17 per month billed every year.

The premium plans offer unlimited words in the paraphrasing tool, access to history, faster processing, advanced grammatical suggestions, and much more.


Does Quillbot AI have a mobile application?

Quillbot AI doesn’t have a mobile application. Users can use Quillbot AI on their desktop devices via its website or integrate it with other applications. However, they cannot download or install Quillbot on their mobile devices.

Does Quillbot AI have a money-back guarantee?

Quillbot AI offers a 3-day money-back guarantee for its premium account users. This feature allows users to request a refund for their plan within three days of subscribing to the platform if they are unsatisfied with Quillbot AI.

How many people can use my Quillbot AI account?

Quillbot AI allows only one user per account. It doesn’t allow users to share their subscriptions or account with other people. Sharing your account with others can lead to legal issues since it violates their policy.

How can I cancel my Quillbot AI subscription?

Quillbot AI allows users to cancel their subscriptions directly from their accounts. Visit your profile by hitting your name icon on the top-right corner and going to the Account details option. Next, go to the Your Plan tab and select the Cancel subscription option. The platform will cancel your plan and return your refund if you are eligible for one.

Alternatively, you can ask the Quillbot AI support team to end your subscription.

How can I contact the Quillbot AI support team?

Quillbot offers excellent customer service. You can reach out to the support team via its contact page. Drop them a message regarding your query, and they will provide a relevant solution soon. The platform also has a Discord server where you can connect with other community members for assistance.


Quillbot AI is one of the best paraphrasing and article rewriter tools. The tool offers outstanding features to help writers produce high-quality, plagiarism-free content. It is ideal for native and non-native English speakers and writers of all levels.

The tool provides suggestions to improvise content immediately. It also offers various styling modes for writers to produce varied content. You can use Quillbot AI for personal, professional, or academic purposes.

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