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The Runway offers AI-powered image and video editing and generation tools.

Runway AI

About Runway AI

Runway ai utilizes Gen-1 and Gen-2 AI models with advanced ML & computer graphics technologies to generate stunning art, images, and videos from texts, images & video prompts. Runway provides a complete video-creating & editing toolkit, which reduces dependence on traditional methods of video shooting processes.

Runway ai has a collection of 30+ AI tools to create realistic, coherent graphics and 3D videos by adding different styles & compositions. 

Runway ai takes video editing to the advanced level by adding features to add color grades, animations, texts, slow motion effects, color backgrounds, blur faces, multilingual subtitles, and more.

To use Runway ai, content creators don’t require extensive coding experience. Runway lets its users export videos in different HD qualities & file formats. Runaway makes it mandatory to invest specific credit to generate images & videos. To generate more creations, users require more credits.

Runway Ai Features

Runway offers dozens of content creation features for individuals, teams, and mid-large businesses. Here are some notable features of Runway.

  • Runway’s advanced AI models simplify & automate the video editing process 10X faster.
  • Runway offers a “Text to Image” generation tool that creates different styles and resolutions of images from scratch by inserting descriptive text.
  • Runway offers an “Image to image” tool that seamlessly converts inserted images to AI-generated images from texts.
  • The “Infinite Image” tool expands images by simply using descriptive text prompts.
  • The runway “Inpaint content” tool lets you remove anything from your video.
  • Runway’s “Frame Interpolation” tool creates a fine-tuned & smooth video out of multiple images.
  • Runway allows users to use its “AI Training” tool to train its AI models to generate unlimited portraits.
  • Runway offers a “text to 3D texture” tool to create 3D textures using text prompts.
  • Runway developed its latest Gen-2 AI model that uses styles of input images to generate structured videos.
  • Runway offers a web-based version of its software which you can access on any device with an active internet connection.
  • Runway’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible for users without experience with graphics software.

Runway Ai Use Case – Real-World Applications

Runway allows graphic designers & artists to use it for diverse creative projects. Here are widely-used real-time applications of the Runway.

  • Runway has changed how creative designers work by unrevealing new designing opportunities in diverse industries.
  • Fashion industry designers use Runway’s tools to generate realistic clothes and accessories images by specifying necessary parameters. Hence, they can save significant time by ditching expensive photoshoots.
  • The Runway is crucial in the Interior designing industry to generate 3D building models.
  • Video makers in the film industry can utilize Runway to generate mesmerizing film clips that look to be created from real-life objects and people.
  • The animation industry can use various video editing tools to enhance animation effects.
  • Graphic designers can create engaging product videos for marketing campaigns.

Runway Ai Pricing

Runway offers four plans to meet the needs of individuals, small and large business teams. Here are the three premium plans of Runway.

1. Basic Plan ( Free )

  • Ideal for a maximum of 3 editors.
  • 125 credits to generate a maximum of 25 images.
  • Three video projects.
  • 5 GB assets.

2. Standard Plan ( $12/user/month )

  • Ideal for teams of 7 editors.
  • 625 credits/month to generate a maximum of 125 images.
  • Allows to purchase more credits.
  • Unlimited video projects.
  • 100 GB assets.

3. Pro Plan ( $28/user/month )

  • Ideal for large teams with 15 editors.
  • 2250 credits/month to generate a maximum of 450 images.
  • Unlimited video projects.
  • 500 GB assets.

4. Enterprise Plan ( customizable )

  • Ideal for bigger companies that have more requirements.


Is Runway AI free or paid?

Any user can access Runway for free by Signing up on its official website. Runway offers both free and paid plans as per individual needs. To gain more credits and get access to more advanced features of Runway, you can upgrade to a premium plan. The free plan provides you with only 125 credits with only 3 video projects. 

What does runway AI do?

The Runway is an AI content-creation assistant that has revolutionized the video-creation process by harnessing the strengths of ML models. It has various tools that have become game changers for newbies and advanced video editors to do video editing in a few seconds. Runway adds stunning depth maps to enhance the realistic look of videos & images. 

Do I need to download RunwayML?

You can access Runway’s software on your web browsers as it’s a cloud-based tool. There’s no need to install Runwayml online software on your devices. , Open the Runway official website and start using the software.

Can I sell Runway ai generated content as artwork?

Runway says you can use your generated videos & texts for personal & commercial purposes. Runway still needs to add policies & clear guidelines concerning the utilization of creative generations for different purposes.


Runway’s future seems bright as its research teams constantly work to add more innovative features weekly. As a newbie, you can start with a runway free plan to check its service quality. You can pick up your project from where you left off anytime and take advantage of Runway’s collaboration features. The only challenge is to expand your imagination as wide as possible to put it into live videos.

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