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An innovative AI-based holographic assistant customizable to meet your needs.

About Sidekicks AI

Sidekicks AI is a platform for every crazy individual looking to implement their crazy ideas to build something innovative. The platform hosts holographic AI assistants and allows users to customize these assistants based on their requirements. It also listens to the unbelievable ideas of professionals from various fields and helps them succeed in achieving their goals. The platform is backed by a team of experts ready to help entrepreneurs and students bring their ideas to life.

Sidekicks AI guides people to choose the right idea to succeed in their entrepreneurial journey. It also supports inventors, helping them achieve their end goals.

Official Website 
Company NameCrazies & Co.
Launch Date2021
CategoryAssistant tools

Sidekicks AI Features

Sidekicks AI is a one-of-its kind tool built for learners, experimenters, and professionals. The tool has several helpful features, including the following:

  • You can customize the assistant’s work according to your preferences.
  • It converts complex Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering subjects into a fun and simple language.
  • It can be used as a chatbot to help businesses interact with their clients in a better way.
  • It can help you learn any language and improve your skills.
  • It is compatible with all devices mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Sidekicks AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Sidekicks AI can help individuals, professionals, students, and businesses in various ways. Some of its real-life applications include the following:

  • Companies can use Sidekicks AI to host events or exhibitions.
  • Companies can use the assistant to announce a product launch or present information during a meeting.
  • Students can use it to practice skills or understand topics.
  • It can play with kids and keep them engaged while you are at work.

Sidekicks AI Pricing

The price of Sidekicks AI varies depending on how you use the platform. However, its cost starts at $99. You can use Sidekicks for various purposes by purchasing this model. But if you customize it, the price will vary. You can contact its sales support team to learn more about its pricing structure.


Can I use Sidekicks AI to study?

You can use Sidekicks AI for several purposes as a student. You can use it as a coach to help you learn a subject or topic. It can also guide you through your assignment or project. You can also build your project using this holographic assistant.

Can I use Sidekicks AI on my mobile device?

Sidekicks AI is a cross platform assistant. You can use it on your Android or iOS mobile devices and also on your desktop.

How can I use Sidekicks AI for my business?

Sidekicks AI can help businesses in various ways. Use it as an assistant while conducting meetings or to announce product launches. You can also use it as a chatbot to automate customer service operations in your company. It can also host events on your behalf.

How will Sidekicks AI invest in my idea?

Sidekicks AI is always ready to listen to and invest in your crazy ideas. If you have an innovative idea, drop them a line and wait for their response. If they love your idea, you can get all the guidance and investment you need to execute it.

What are some Sidekicks AI experiments?

Sidekicks AI has experimented with and implemented several ideas. Some of its remarkable inventions are as follows:

  • Perfect Day Lab
  • Athena Armor
  • Fart Diffuser
  • AI T-shirt

Sidekicks AI is the go-to place to bring your crazy ideas to life. You can share your ideas with the Sidekicks AI team and get help executing them. You can also use their holographic assistant for your business, study, or other tasks.

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