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Smodin is an AI-powered writing assistant for writers.

Smodin is an AI-powered writing assistant for writers.

About Smodin

Smodin is an AI writing tool based on Natural Language Processing, ML, deep learning & GPT-4 models & more algorithms to write multi-purpose content in 100+ languages. It generates human-like & unique text pieces in a few minutes once you insert words describing your content.

Smodin saves long research hours for writers by providing AI-based research tools with detailed & accurate results. Smodin can generate professional content from reputable sources, including essays, cover letters, research papers, articles, descriptive essays, assignments, and more.

Smodin lets you save files in multiple formats. Smodin offers a range of writing tools to enhance text structure, style, quality, grade, language, and more. Smodin is an ideal tool for newbies and experienced research writers, researchers & learners to improve their writing & research capability 10X faster. 

Smodin Features

Smodin includes multiple features and tools for writers & content creators globally to level up their writing passion. Here are some Notable features of Smodin.

  • Smodin Rewriter utilizes the Machine Learning concept to rewrite textual content with accurate meaning, grammar, and spelling within a few seconds.
  • Smodin offers a Plagiarism checker tool to check the document’s originality and automatically add proper citations.
  • Smodin AI Writing tool lets you create different professional documents, articles, descriptive essays, research papers, etc.
  • Smodin omni is a valuable academic writing tool integrating the strength of GPT-4, reputable sources to resolve queries on multiple subjects.
  • Smodin AI grader offers detailed feedback to improve essays grade.
  • Smodin offers a multilingual Grammar checker to check grammatical errors in 30+ content types, including essays, letters, legal documents, blogs, etc.
  • Smodin Citation Generator is a free tool to generate reference & in-page citations in 1000+ styles.
  •  Smodin’s AI chat assistant combines ChatGPT & Google to offer up-to-date information.
  • Smodin Summarizer offers many summarization methods in 100+ languages.
  • Smodin offers a multi-language translator tool to translate texts into other languages.
  • Smodin offers an AI content detector tool to differentiate between texts written by AI tools & humans.
  • Smodin offers a real-time Subtitles Translator to translate any video or audiobook into your preferred language.
  • Smodin offers a character-recognition-basedImage to text “tool to extract texts from PDF & images.

Smodin Use Case – Real-World Applications

Smodin offers comprehensive writing multilingual applications for students, researchers, content creators, journalists, bloggers, copywriters, Youtubers, etc. Here are some note-worthy real-world applications of Smodin.

  • Students can use the Smodin Omni tool to generate study material for diverse subjects, including History, Finance, Economics, Biology, and Geography.
  • Freelancers and content writers can use Smodin to generate Plagiarism free content with a well-defined structure.
  • Academic researchers can generate citations for their professional works.
  • Social Media managers can produce social content & ad copies for their marketing campaigns.
  • Researchers can use Smodin to write a thesis & perform 10X faster academic research.
  • Smodin is valuable for writing high-converting emails and sales copy.
  • Youtubers can use the “Subtitles Translation” tool to see videos in 100+ languages.
  • Viewers can utilize Subtitles Translation to view news, movies, lectures, seminars, and Tv shows in their preferred language.
  • Professional writers, businesses & educators can use Smodin’s AI Content detection tool to cross-check their work for authenticity.
  • “Speech to Text” & “Text to speech” is helpful for students, bloggers, teachers, and businesses to convert any textual content into speech & vice-versa. 

Smodin Pricing

Smodin has both free & premium plans involving writing credits and limits on tools usage.

1. Limited Plan.

  • Ideal for new individual users.
  • 3 credits/day
  • 300 words/day
  • Allows to write a maximum of 2 essays and one article & research paper.

2. Essentials Plan ( $10 USD/month )

  • 100 credits/day.
  • 20,000/month.
  • Can check Plagiarism in unlimited words.
  • Allows to write 5 essays, 9 articles & 3 research papers.
  • 12,000/text limit on rewriting.

3. Productive Plan ( $29 USD/month )

  • 500 credits/day.
  • 100,000/month.
  • Can check Plagiarism in unlimited words.
  • Allows to write a maximum of 17 essays, 30 articles & 15 research papers.
  • Unlimited text limit on rewriting.


Is Smodin legit?

Smodin is a legit platform trusted by 100K+ Businesses and millions of writers & students globally. This website has a proven record of providing quality writing services in 180+ countries. Smodin provides sources from where it collects your information proving the credibility of generated content.

How to cancel Smodin Subscription?

You can cancel your Smodin Subscription using the below steps-

  • Open your Smodin “Account” Page.
  • On the left side, select the “Subscription” tab.
  • Scroll to the bottom & Click on “Cancel subscription.”

Is Smodin Free?

To make its services accessible for all writers, Smodin provides a free trial period with limited features. In this, you get significantly fewer writing credits & fewer words to write in Smodin tools like plagiarism checker, rewriter, AI detection, summarizer, language translator, and more. You can select from the two premium plans to get access to more advanced features.

Does Smodin offer a mobile app?

Smodin’s mobile app works on different devices like desktops, androids, laptops & iOS. You can install Smodin’s mobile app for free.

Which AI does Smodin use?

Smodin uses many AI algorithms and models in its AI writing tools. It is developed on the NLP model to give the feel of human-written content. Smodin Omni uses the GPT-4 model to become your 24/7 AI tutor. The rewriter tool is designed on an advanced ML model to generate unique texts with the same meaning.


Smodin is an all-in-one exceptional Multi-lingual Writing Assistance to satisfy the content cessation requirement for writers in multiple fields. Smodin’s customer service is responsive and quickly resolves users’ issues.

Smodin’s developers constantly add new features implementing the user’s feedback. To use Smodin, a writer doesn’t require coding or prior content writing expertise. Its premium plans are affordable, with additional discounts on yearly payments.

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