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How to Unlock a Permanently Locked Snapchat Account


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Imagine you are trying to log into your Snapchat account. But despite entering the correct details, Snapchat won’t let you in!

Sounds annoying? But why would this happen?

Many users face issues logging into their account mainly because their Snapchat account is locked. Snapchat can temporarily or permanently lock an account if it suspects the user is violating its guidelines. However, don’t panic. You can unlock your account using some simple tricks.

If your Snapchat account is locked and you need help unlocking it, this guide will help you. So, without further ado, let’s see how you can unlock your Snapchat account and use it as before.

What is Snapchat Unlock - How to Unlock a Permanently Locked Snapchat Account

What is Snapchat Unlock?

Snapchat might temporarily or permanently lock your account if it finds you violating its guidelines. The app sends an email after locking your account.

If Snapchat locks you temporarily, you can try unlocking your account after 24 hours. If you cannot log into your account after 24 hours, contact customer service and ask them to unlock your Snapchat account.

Why Your Snapchat Account is Locked

Snapchat can lock your account if it detects activities that violate its guidelines. Snapchat has to ensure users’ safety and privacy. Hence, any action against its policies will lead to a temporary or permanent account lock.

You can unlock your account from the Snapchat mobile app or the web. And if your account is not unlocked, you can talk to Snapchat Support Team to unblock it.

6 Ways to Unlock a Permanently Locked Snapchat Account

You can unlock your permanently locked Snapchat account in various ways. However, be careful while performing these strategies, as you may lose all your data if you make a mistake.

Below are six methods to unlock a permanently locked Snapchat account:

Method 1: Uninstall third-party apps and plugins

Sometimes Snapchat blocks users if it detects third-party apps and plugins that are harmful to the device. You must delete the third-party apps and plugins and try logging into your account again. Also, update Snapchat to the latest version.

Method 2: Unlock from Snapchat Web

You can visit Snapchat Web on your browser and try unlocking your account. Using this method, you must enter your credentials and prove your identity to unlock your account.

However, you can unlock your account using this method only after 24 hours of account lock.

Method 3: Reinstall Snapchat

Sometimes users get permanently locked from Snapchat due to a technical glitch. To solve this, you can uninstall Snapchat from your phone and reinstall the app. This can fix errors and unlock your Snapchat account.

Method 4: Contact the Support Team

If you think your account is locked by mistake or you fail to unlock your account using the steps mentioned above, you can connect to Snapchat’s customer support team. You can explain your issue to the support team, who will help unlock Snapchat.

Method 5: From the unlocking page

Another method to unlock Snapchat is through the Snapchat Unlock page. Here is the process to unlock Snapchat from the unlock page:

Step 1: Visit the Snapchat unlock page using this link –

Step 2: Enter your Snapchat credentials and click Log in.

Step 3: Click the Unlock button at the bottom of your page.

Step 4: This will log you into your account. You will have to verify your email address to start using Snapchat again.

Method 6: Create a new user account

If your Snapchat account is permanently blocked or you cannot retrieve it using the above steps, you must create a new one.

Sometimes Snapchat won’t unlock your account since it detected suspicious activities on your account. In such cases, you must register a new account using a different email address and user name.

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Why Do Snapchat Accounts ‘permanently Locked’ for Some Users

If Snapchat has locked your account permanently, it could be due to any of the following reasons:

  • Snapchat identified some suspicious activity running on your account.
  • You violated Snapchat’s guidelines.
  • Your account has been compromised, and Snapchat has locked it to keep it safe.
  • You tried logging into Snapchat from a banned device.
  • You use third-party apps, services, or plugins that violate Snapchat’s policies.
  • You posted or shared content that goes against Snapchat’s community guidelines.

You can try unlocking your account after a few hours of account block using the steps given in this post. You can also contact the support team to help you unlock your Snapchat account. And if nothing works, you can create a new account.

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