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SocialBook PhotoStudio is an innovative, AI-powered online graphic design tool, transforming digital design by combining advanced generative AI technology with a user-friendly interface.


SocialBook PhotoStudio Features:

  1. Text to Image Generation: Leverage AI capabilities to convert text descriptions into rich, visually appealing images, adding a novel dimension to your storytelling.
  2. Animation Creation: Give life to your static images by transforming them into engaging animations, enhancing the dynamism and appeal of your content.
  3. Variety of Cartoon Styles: Experiment with a range of cartoon styles to lend a unique, artistic touch to your visuals.
  4. Revitalizing Black and White Sketches: Inject color and life into your black and white sketches, making them vibrant and more engaging.
  5. Generative Image Extension: Resize and extend your images to any ratio effortlessly, ensuring they fit perfectly into the format of your choice.

SocialBook PhotoStudio Use Cases:

  1. Thumbnail Design: Create compelling thumbnails to attract more clicks and boost your content’s visibility and engagement.
  2. Instagram Template Usage: Utilize neat Instagram templates to maintain a consistent aesthetic across your posts, enhancing your brand image and audience engagement.
  3. YouTube Banner Creation: Design attractive YouTube banners using thousands of templates, enhancing your channel’s appeal and viewership.
  4. Social Media Post: Easily create and customize social media posts for influencers and brands, streamlining their online branding efforts.
  5. Presentation Design: Craft eye-catching presentations that effectively convey your ideas and capture your audience’s attention.
  6. Professional Media Kits: Craft high-quality, professional media kits that showcase your brand and help you stand out in a competitive market.
  7. Marketing Campaigns: Design vibrant and creative images for marketing campaigns, leveraging the power of visual storytelling to resonate with your target audience.

Pricing Details for SocialBook PhotoStudio:

Choose between two plans, depending on your needs and level of commitment:

1. Platinum Plan:

  • Monthly: $499
  • Annually: $5,988 (billed annually)

2. Enterprise Plan:

  • Custom pricing available, contact for details.

Common Features of both plans:

  • Access to over 16 million influencers in the database.
  • Unlimited search by username.
  • Ability to monitor and manage a custom number of competitors.
  • Access to the SocialBook Checker for Chrome Plugin.

Exclusive Features for Platinum Plan:

  • 1,200 influencer search results per month.
  • 100 influencer reports per month.
  • Ability to send 300 bulk emails per month.
  • One brand 60 days report.
  • 14 competitors for monitoring.

Enterprise Plan additional benefits:

  • Custom number of influencer search results and in-depth influencer profiles.
  • Custom number of bulk emails with dripping feature.
  • Customized influencer marketing report.
  • Ability to monitor custom number of competitors.

All users receive 1 login access, can view profile overviews, engagement rates, audience demographics, and have access to performance metrics, business potentials, influencer growth history, and much more.

SocialBook PhotoStudio is not just a tool, it’s an all-in-one platform designed to bring your creative visions to life.

Whether you are an individual content creator, a social media influencer, or a brand, this free online design tool has the advanced, user-friendly features you need to create stunning visual content.

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