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AI-powered writing assistant for lawyers to write contracts 3x faster.

About Spellbook AI

Spellbook AI is a GPT-3 and GPT-4 powered contract drafting tool that lets you write legal contracts faster. The tool is available right within Microsoft Word and is trained with billions of lines of legal text to draft contracts instantly. It doesn’t just interpret contracts but also suggests languages to write the draft. It has been trained with content from online sources like Wikipedia pages, books, and other online websites.

Spellbook AI helps lawyers worldwide. It automates the contract writing process so that users can focus on other activities that add strategic value. The tool is under development, but you can access it as an early user by joining the waiting list.

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Company NameSpellbook
Launch Date2018
CategoryText generation tools

Spellbook AI Features

Spellbook AI offers tons of features for lawyers and users to get their jobs done faster. Some striking features of Spellbook AI include the following:

  • It uses Open AI’s GPT-3, GPT-4, and other language models for natural language processing.
  • It is directly integrated into MS Word.
  • It is trained using a large dataset of legal contracts curated from several online websites and papers.
  • It suggests important clauses and information that should be added to the contract.
  • It detects irrelevant terms in the contract.
  • It suggests negotiation points to get better deals for clients.
  • It automatically drafts clauses or entire sections by detecting the context of the contract.

Spellbook AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Spellbook AI is a helpful tool for lawyers. Its possible applications are as follows:

  • Spellbook AI can be used to review written contracts to get suggestions for improvement.
  • It can be used to autocomplete sections within a contract.
  • Spellbook AI can be used to draft legal contracts from scratch three times faster.

Spellbook AI Pricing

Spellbook AI is not yet available to the public. You can get free access to the platform as an early user by joining its waiting list. However, the developer’s are still exploring pricing models, so its official price list will be accessible after its public launch. The rates will most likely be defined based on usage since the software’s cost increases based on usage. Currently, you can access Spellbook AI for free.


How do I use Spellbook AI?

You cannot officially access Spellbook AI as it is still in the development phase. But you can join its waiting list using this link to get early access to the platform. Spellbook has already accepted 34,000 lawyers and is welcoming more. Submit your application using the form and wait for their approval.

Can I use Spellbook AI outside the USA?

Yes, Spellbook AI is available in several countries outside the USA. You can check if it is available in your country by applying through its waiting list.

Can I rely on Spellbook AI for legal advice?

Spellbook AI gives legal advice, but since it is an AI tool, it is prone to making mistakes. You should always get the Spellbook AI’s advice reviewed by a lawyer before using it for your clients. 

Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations?

If you want discounts or offers to use the Speellbook platform, you must contact their sales team. Use the contact page to connect with the support team and ask for discounts on their plans. They will provide solutions based on your needs.

Can I use Spellbook if I am not a lawyer?

No, Spellbook AI is only available to lawyers. It is not a tool for non-lawyers. You can use Spellbook AI only if you are working in the legal industry. You will have to provide your details while applying through the waitlist.

Spellbook AI can save lawyers time and money by drafting contracts faster with the power of GPT language models. It is an essential tool for all lawyers seeking to save their time and focus on other business aspects instead of spending hours writing contracts.

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