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A powerful AI tool for GTM (Go-to-market) teams that attends sales video calls and summarizes them to inform the buyer’s intention to the sellers.

About Sybill AI

Sybill saves businesses’ time and money by automating non-revenue generating tasks using AI. It is an emotionally-aware SaaS tool that responds to buyer’s calls and understands their intentions. This allows the sales team to identify potential clients and leads faster. The tool summarizes calls with high-accuracy and sends them to Slack and CRM for marketers to review. It also takes follow-ups regularly.

Individuals or businesses can take the information given by Sybill AI and plan future steps to convert potential prospects into buyers. The platform gives access to all necessary information, including conversations with clients, data tracking, and deals, in one place.

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Company NameSybill
Launch Date2021
CategoryConversational AI tools

Sybill AI Features

Sybill AI is an essential tool for businesses. It offers various features, including the following:

  • It generates call summaries in an email and sends them for further review to Slack and CRM.
  • It creates follow up emails for buyers.
  • It gives a deep insight into the buyer’s intention, persona, and purchasing behavior.
  • It generates metrics to determine potential buyers so that businesses can improve their sales conversations.
  • It can analyze video calls on Zoom.

Sybill AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Sybill is ideal for businesses of all sizes. Some of its real-world use cases include the following:

  • Sybill AI can be used by marketers to automate the marketing process of companies.
  • Companies can use Sybill AI to understand their buyer’s purchasing behavior and train employees accordingly.
  • Sales leaders can use Sybill AI to get insights of their marketing deals.
  • Sybill AI can be used to follow up with clients and generate a marketing plan to convert leads to buyers.

Sybill AI Pricing

Sybill AI offers three different pricing options based on the user’s requirements. Each plan comes with a free 14-day trial. The pricing plans are as follows:

  • Starter – $49 per user monthly – Up to 4 members, unlimited meetings, call recordings, slack integration, and much more.
  • Mind Reader – $89 per user monthly – Everything in Starter, CRM integration, unlimited recorders, and EQ coaching.
  • Custom plan – Contact sales team for pricing – Everything in Mind Reader and several other benefits.


What happens after the end of Sybill AI free trial?

After the trial plan ends, Sybill will let you use the platform with the free plan features. However, if you have purchased a paid plan, it will automatically shift you to the paid plan and offer features accordingly.

Do I need a credit card for the Sybill AI free trial?

No, Sybill doesn’t ask for your credit card details to use the free trial plan. You can try Sybill for free up to 14 days without entering your payment information. But after the trial plan ends, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan or use Sybill for free with limited features.

How can I get a free Sybill AI demo?

Sybill AI offers a free demo to all its users. You can book a slot by contacting the support team to get a demo of the software before purchasing its subscription.

Do all the team members remain on the same plan?

Yes, Sybill AI needs users to have all the team members on the same plan. If you have purchased the Starter plan, all your team members need to use the same plan unless you upgrade it to Mind Reader. You cannot select different plans for different members.

Is Sybill AI multilingual?

No, Sybill AI is not a multilingual tool. It only supports the English language. You cannot use it in other languages to write call summaries or talk with your clients. It only understands and interprets calls in English.

Sybill AI is a helpful tool for small, mid-size, and large business organizations. It allows businesses to automate their marketing process, train their marketing team, and identify buying prospects faster. It helps automate the workflow to gain profitable clients.

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