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Tl;dv is an AI-powered meeting recorder that can record and transcribe Zoom and Google Meet for remote and hybrid users. 


Tl;dv is an Artificial Intelligence meeting assistant which can help record, edit, and transcribe online meetings. It is capable of both recording video meetings and audio in high quality without any limitations.

Users can easily record their meetings for free using the Google Meet Chrome Extension or Zoom app.

Tl;dv is also capable of recognizing the speaker, thus, with this platform users can receive accurate transcripts even with multiple speakers involved. Tl;dv is capable of translating the transcription into more than 30+ languages. 

Tl;dv is integrated with the large language model GPT-3. Tl;dv contains a mighty AI that can take clear notes, summarize meetings and develop the search function so users can easily look for what they need.  

You can use this platform as your workspace by sending notifications to your colleagues with a timestamp. You can also share your insights across the organization.

Tl;dv is an excellent meeting recording platform that can be integrated with Slack, Hubspot, Notion, and Salesforce.


Tldv Features

High-quality recording 

Tl;dv can record meetings and conversations with high-quality video and sound. Unlike other platforms, users don’t need to wait for the video to be processed, instead once your meeting has ended, you can instantly access the recording. This is an excellent feature for remote or hybrid workers. 

Unlimited Recording 

Tl;dv allows users to generate unlimited meeting recordings for free. Users can record calls and summarize their meetings and key moments with colleagues, teams, customers, and prospects without any limitations.

Transcription in more than 30+ languages 

Tl;dv is capable of transcribing your meetings in more than 30 languages. This includes Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, Dutch, Filipino, Italian, Hindi, German, Russian, and more. So, regardless of what your native language is with Tl;dv you can receive accurate meeting transcripts straight away with speaker detection. 

Meeting Summarization 

You can summarize the vital moments of your corporate meetings by simply using a shortcut. This way the AI Meeting Note Taker will note down and summarize the topic, while you can focus on the meeting. 

Tldv Use Case – Real-World Applications

Here are the use cases of tl;dv as follows: 

Record Online Meetings for Free

Tl;dv is the fastest way to record online meetings on Zoom and Google Meet without the need to purchase any plan or subscription. Users can simply access Tl;dv and record unlimited meetings and calls for free with a Chrome extension or meeting recorder app. 

Have AI-Powered Meetingsndy integrations

The AI-powered meetings utilize GPT-3 to improve the manual notes programming and summarize your meeting. This way you can focus on the conversation while the AI gets all the important details for you and perform the note-taking. 

Tl:dv is a UX research repository

The tool is a UX research repository that primarily allows its members and stakeholders to be able to access the feedback whenever they want anywhere and anytime. Apart from this users can also share their insights directly with their members by using the channels. All you need to do is push the user insight clip into other tools such as Notion, Miro, Salesforce, Google Docs, and Miro. Within a simple keyboard order, you can share your insights. 

Scale Onboarding & Training

Tl;dv provides an onboarding experience for all its remote and hybrid employees. Through tl;dv you can generate a group of onboarding video resources that can help the new employees of the company or organization to understand the meetings, presentations, and tutorial videos which can be considerable effectively. 

Amplify the Voice of the Customer

This tool is powered by GPT and it aims to share authentic insights with its customers across the organization. It helps dive into the insights and take important notes throughout the customer call. This way the team can experience the real customer emotion. 

Record Zoom Meetings

Tl;dv is capable of recording Zoom meetings with a simple click. The tl;dv app for Zoom can capture or record the insights and even the emotions of a Zoom call with excellent video quality and sound. 

Transcribe Zoom recordings

Tl;dv can create accurate auto transcription for your Zoom recordings. When you record a video, a live transcription option will automatically follow. This way you access the entire transcript file beside the recording once the meeting has ended. After this, you can easily identify what was said in the meeting, and copy out segments. You can search for past calls by simply using the keywords which are featured on the transcripts. 

Record Google Meet meetings

Tl;dv Chrome extension for Google Meet allows users to instantly record all the insights of a Google Meet call. Along with high-quality video and sound quality. Through this extension, users can immediately access the recording and receive a transcript along with the video. 

Transcribe Google Meet recordings

Google Meet transcript extension for Chrome can create accurate auto transcription from your call. Once the Google Meet starts you need to click on ‘record’, and transcription will follow the meeting. The Speaker recognition feature makes it easier to understand who says what. Once the meeting has ended you can access the full transcript file. Then if you want you can translate the transcript into another language. 

Tldv Pricing

Tl;dv contains a free plan, which can be accessed by anyone, once you sign up. The free plan is suitable for small teams and individual users. You can create unlimited recordings and transcripts through this plan.

The free plan contains a few key features such as summarizing in 20+ languages, Slack & email integration, summarizing meeting moments via a single click, and more.

However, if you are looking for a plan with additional features that is suitable for a larger team then you should consider purchasing the below-mentioned plans: 

Pro Plan Enterprise Plan 
$25/per month Discuss the pricing 
Suitable for Teams Suitable for businesses and organizations 
CRM Integrations, Fully Automated AI meeting notes, Upload your files online & more.Custom Pricing, Custom Invoicing and Dedicated Customer Success Manager. 

How to use Tldv 

To use tl;dv you need to follow these below-mentioned steps: 

  • Visit tl;dv page using this link on your PC 
  • Click on the “Add to Chrome” button and confirm “Add Extension”  
  • The extension will then appear next to your URL Bar
  • Now, log in to your tl;dv account using your email address 
  • Once you start a meeting, you need to simply click on “Start Recording” 
  • Tl;dv will join the meeting and begin transcription alongside your meeting
  • Once the meeting is over, you can access the entire transcript recorded by tl;dv
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